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Last week we paid our final tuition payment to WLHS. Not surprisingly, it was a bittersweet moment.
We were happy that 5 years of payments were now past us. When we were considering WLHS for our kids, the tuition was what concerned us the most. There’s a Waukesha public high school a block from our house. But, in the end, we decided WLHS was the best place for our children and prayed and trusted that it would all work out. And it did. Sure, we had to shift priorities and budgets were tight at times, but by the grace of God he carried us through and provided with unexpected family help and WLHS scholarship opportunities.

We were sad, though, because we know that the high school years are now over for our family. We can’t say enough about how happy we were to be able to send Ethen and Eden to WLHS. Our kids received a top-notch education. They were challenged academically, which was important to us, and to them – and they excelled. The teachers were always encouraging and willing to help. The kids met great Christian friends, and we’ve met great Christian parents, that we can call friends, too! Additionally, we could see their spiritual growth over these high school years, as it was nurtured and developed in their classrooms and in chapel. Our kids were also able to get involved in many other opportunities outside the classroom, including sports and clubs.

We do have to say, we can’t imagine how different our children’s high school experience would have been without the fine arts component that WLHS possesses. It really is a blessing! Ethen was able to participate in Marching Band, Jazz and Brass Ensembles, Pit Orchestra, the Spring Musical, and Wisco Kids. Eden was able to participate in Color Guard, Percussion Ensemble, Viking Steel, Fall Dramas, Spring Musicals, and Inspiration. It was amazing to see them grow musically through these groups. It was wonderful to see their development, and at times see them mentor and lead the other kids in the groups they were in. They enjoyed every minute of it. We especially are thankful for the Percussion Ensemble and the Viking Steel group. Eden surprised us when she told us she was joining those groups, because she hadn’t played any of those instruments before – but Mr. Petersen was willing to take on kids that didn’t know anything about the instruments they were playing and was willing to teach them to make great music. What a confidence builder! The WLHS fine arts department is unique, in that it is reliant on parent involvement. To give an example, for the Band Program alone, there are over 660 volunteer positions available during the year. I don’t believe that any sport or other club at WLHS is that way. The best part for us, during our time at WLHS, was being able to be involved with the many other parents of the kids in the fine arts. We felt a great sense of connection to our school and our kids through it as we got to watch their development first hand. The friendships the kids made through the fine arts program are many of the friends that they were closest to (and in the case of our son, still closest to). The involvement also gave us the opportunity to connect with many other parents in the program, which in many cases turned into friendships. What an unexpected blessing for us!

Thank you. We were beyond blessed during our time at WLHS, and wouldn’t have done it any other way. The investment made was worth every penny. When we picked up Ethen last week after finishing finals at UW-LaCrosse we had time to reflect on his year. He recalled how thankful he was for how WLHS prepared him for his first year away at college. Hearing that feedback outweighs any financial concern we may have had along the way with sending our kids to WLHS. As Eden walks across the stage tomorrow to receive her diploma we know she is well-prepared for her next step at Concordia University – Mequon this fall.

May God continue to bless the mission of WLHS!

Adam and Kendel Nass
Parents of Ethen (’18) and Eden (’19)
    • WLHS Experience

      WLHS Experience

"Our kids received a top-notch education. They were challenged academically, which was important to us, and to them – and they excelled."
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