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Welcome to the Wisconsin Lutheran Grade School Volleyball Tournament! While we are experiencing unique times, we are so pleased that you could be with us this weekend to enjoy the volleyball talents of the Christian young people from our area WELS Churches and Schools. It is our sincere hope that many of the young people here this weekend will continue their Christian Education at WLHS in the future. It would be our privilege to continue the discipling that has begun in your homes and elementary schools, here on the secondary level at Wisconsin Lutheran. We hope that you have an enjoyable day and we wish your school the best of success! Have a great day!

Wisconsin Lutheran High School
The Viking Volleyball Program
The Viking Volunteer Booster Club

LAA Volleyball Rules

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  • 2021 LAA Volleyball Tournament Schedule

    Click here to view the 2021 LAA Volleyball Tournament schedule.
  • Volleyball Session Play Rules

    Three Team Session Play
    Format: 2 sets vs. each team in your session
    Sets to 20 points, rally score, win by 2, cap at 22

    1. Line up cards must be turned in to the scoring table before each game.
    2. We will follow all WIAA/National Federation Rules on items not spelled out by the L.A.A. ahead of time.
    3. Schools must have 5 girls present to begin a game.

    Warm Ups
    9-minute warm up prior to a teams first game that day.
    5-minute warm up between rounds

    Officials for this tournament are all WIAA registered officials. Scorers and Timers are WLHS Volleyball team members.

    Concessions are provided by the WLHS Viking Volunteer Booster Club.
  • Be a Sport!

    One of the major objectives in offering participation in activities is to teach the lessons of good sportsmanship. Fair play, ethical behavior and a Christian spirit are three key ingredients in the education of our young people. Fans, players, parents and coaches must work together to create an atmosphere in which good sportsmanship is fostered. In addition to the efforts of our coaches and student-athletes, we offer some guidelines for our guests to help us educate the young people involved here today:

    Your paid admission to this event entitles you to enjoy an exhibition of skills developed by these students in an educational setting. Please give these students your positive encouragement and support. Booing, taunting or intimidating the officials and opponents is unfriendly and unacceptable, and we trust the behavior you model will be a positive example for all involved. "Set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).

    Wisconsin Lutheran High School and our participating WELS Grade Schools encourage you to support the efforts of all involved here today in a positive manner.

LAA Volleyball 2021 Rosters

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  • Atonement

    Principal: Mr. Todd Gorsline
    Athletic Director: Mr. Kevin Hahm and Ms. Rachel Johnson
    Mascot: Wildcats
    Colors: Forest Green and Yellow

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    1Janyah Boone8
    2Aisha Bility8
    3Kayla Thompson8
    7Zallure Jackson8
    8Aiyanna Crockwell8
    9Alanna Nelson8
    11Taylor Reed8
    12Amaya Hotchkiss8
    13Jamiyah Graham8
    15Sha'Mya Jackson8
    29Jada Morris8
    22Neveah West8
    26Alejandra Garcia8
    28Serenity Williams8
    30Kamora Johnson8

    Coaches: Ms. Kellisha Harley and Mrs. Katie Seelman
  • Christ the Lord

    Principal: Mr. Ben Schramm
    Athletic Director: Mr. John Kaesmeyer
    Mascot: Crusaders
    Colors: Red and White

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    18Lauren Ossmann8
    4 - 9 (libero)Brenna Valerio8
    12Joci Uttech7
    24Lily Hatzung7
    14Arya Campbell7
    30Grace Moudry7
    10Laarni dela Cruz7
    6Naomi Taylor7
    2Naomi Schramm7

    Coaches: Faith Scheer and Monica Maurer
  • Christ, Big Bend

    Principal: Mr. Craig Weide
    Athletic Director: Mrs. Christine Mastrocola
    Mascot: Crusaders
    Colors: Royal Blue and White

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    24Ellie Enslen8
    27Kali Osborn8
    28Gigi Ausborn7
    14Lydia Stroh7
    19Tori Valdez6
    17Evvie Jansen6
    22Leah Enslen5
    7Shaniyah Ausborn5
    29Eva Parrish5

    Coaches: Rachel Stroh and John Stroh
  • Christ-St. Peter

    Principal: Mr. Brett Baade
    Athletic Directors: Jacob Schable and Katie Bravo
    Mascot: Crusaders
    Colors: Blue and Red

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    23Juliette Walta8
    20Kaoni Hanson8
    25Maria Jose Gonzales8
    9Naw Hsa Say Christ8
    6Maria Villa7
    12Annalissa Ortiz6
    10Carla Parra6
    7Idalis Evangelista6
    8Hannah Carter5
    1Layla Justus5
    4Leily Gonzales5

    Coaches: Stephanie Draper, Christina Kapellusch, and Katie Walther
  • Garden Homes

    Principal: Mr. Adam Harvey
    Athletic Director: Mr. Aaron Bauer
    Mascot: Vikings
    Colors: Championship Blue and Navy Blue

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    8Kaylee Nolan-Allison7
    4Sariah Bryant-Selers7
    1Brooklynn Love7
    34JaNiah Addison7
    23Araina Thomas7
    37Jameria McCollum8
    6Neriya Love8
    5Maddison Jones8
    24Janiyah Foreman8
    40Ajia McGhee8
    12Lexie Bauer8
    3Jayla Riddick8

    Coach: Maddie Pearson
  • Lamb of God/Good Shepherd's

    Principals: Mr. Tim MacKain, Mr. Mike Henning
    Athletic Directors: Miss Lauren Mantz, Mr. Tim Hochmuth
    Colors: Black, Silver, and Purple
    Mascots: Lightning/Panthers

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    34Madeline Trissel6
    31Eva Caceres6
    20Alyssa Meitner6
    12Elizabeth Scherzberg6
    13Viveka Balke7
    22Malayah Macisak7
    30Maya Kuether8
    32Isabella Zamora8
    33Olivia Trissel8

    Coaches: Erin Martin, Lauren Mantz, and Becky Wilkens
  • Pilgrim

    Principal: Mr. Kevin Klug
    Athletic Director: Mrs. Kathy Brandt
    Colors: Forest Green and White
    Mascots: Wildcats

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    13Grace Vanderhoof8
    14Cameron Markovic7
    15Elise Mayer7
    19Natalie Justman8
    21Kloe Lanting8
    22Brianna Schultz8
    23Zayden Zygowski7
    25Ellie Schmidt7
    27Rayna Lesada7
    10Adele Faust6
    11Liana Garza6

    Coaches: Maddie Maksim and Kathy Brandt
  • Risen Savior

    Principal: Mr. Robert Dusseau
    Athletic Director: Mr. Devan Boling
    Colors: Blue and Gold
    Mascot: Rams

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    2Melina Popoca8
    6Dulce Torres8
    7Dennise Manzano Valor8
    8Taiwo Agbeluyi7
    10Harmony Pate8
    11Sydny Sabino Zaragoza8
    13Takoria Pettway7
    14Andrnae Stackhouse8
    15Joaliz Soler Santos7
    26Zarrhyanna Smith7
    27Kehinde Agbeluyi7

    Coaches: Colleen Mader and Tessa Ray
  • Salem

    Principal: Mr. Nick Bush
    Athletic Director: Mr. Kurt Maciejczak
    Colors: Green and Yellow
    Mascot: Warriors

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    0Keanna Lindsey7
    3Mollie Smith8
    5Keagan Robinson7
    8Emily Baade8
    10Madison Lawrence8
    12Tyler Hill8
    13Zoe Chambers8
    20Megan McGillis7
    24Tieneesa Flowers7
    44Anteyana Taylor7

    Coaches: Joe Jaitner, Rhea Robinson, Hannah Foerster, and Rhianna Robinson
  • St. Jacobi

    Principal: Mr. Joshua Walker
    Athletic Director: Mr. Brian Kasten
    Mascot: Raiders
    Colors: Red and White

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    3Sophie Walker7
    5Anna Wolfgram8
    7Samantha Kolosovsky8
    8Karlee Hackmann8
    10Zhana Guenther7
    13Alex Barker8
    16Abby Huber8
    17Grace Solie8
    18Emily Becker7
    21Kallie Brosseau7
    24Gianna Paez7
    25Kennedy Kasten8

    Coaches: Nissa Lenga and Rebecca Solie
  • St. John's, Mukwonago

    Principal: Mr. Brian Humann
    Athletic Director: Katie Rath
    School Colors: Light Blue and White
    Mascot: Panthers

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    1Hailey Greeson6
    3Aubryn Missal6
    12Kaelyn Lenz7
    14Claire Bortulin7
    18Elena Milne6
    20Brooke Danicich6
    22Ava Bodendorfer6
    26Anna Griffiths6
    27Mackenzie Schnuelle6

    Coaches: Sarah Bortulin, Heather Lenz, and Jenecia Griffiths
  • St. John's, Wauwatosa

    Principal: Mr. Dan Markgraf
    Athletic Director: Mr. David Leyrer, CAA
    School Colors: Royal, Black, and White
    Nickname: Crusaders

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    1Autumn Christensen7
    2Hailey Schneiker7
    3Ella Schroeder7
    5Ana Buske7
    6Calissa Schultz7
    7Corrina Philips7
    10Clara Schulz8
    11Ellen Welcenbach7
    12Hannah Strong8
    14Emma Close8
    15Anna Ognenoff8
    17Sydney Brown8
    19Sydnee Braatz7

    Coaches: Andy Ognenoff and Terry Buske
  • St. John's/Word of Life

    Principals: Mr. David Rust and Dr. Phil Krueger
    Athletic Director: Janna Zak
    Colors: Red and Black
    Mascot: Trojans

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    16Molly Jozwiak7
    9Isabella Paez-Escamilla7
    7Jasmine Par7
    2Mary Peng7
    8Angie Martinez7
    12Grace Bennett8
    15Ana Johnston8
    3Noelle Young8
    10May Hargraves8

    Coaches: Janna Zak and Raine Vrable
  • St. Lucas

    Principal: Mr. Andy Baxter
    Athletic Director: Mr. Pate Schwichtenberg
    School Colors: Blue and Gold
    Mascot: Lancers

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    6Charlotte Piontek8
    4Hadley Reger8
    2Rose Vannoy8
    9Krystia O'Brien8
    10Rory Piontek6
    41Emily Fendrick6
    21Aida Gurgel4
    48Evelyn Scott4
    11Melania Kulhanek4

    Coaches: Laura Digiorgio Scott and Abby Scott
  • St. Paul's, Cudahy/Zion, South Milwaukee

    Principals: Mr. Don Kolander and Mr. James Braun
    Athletic Directors: Mr. Don Kolander and Mr. Nathan Hensler
    School Colors: Red, White, and Blue
    Mascot: Cardinals

    Player NameGrade
    Emma Villa8
    Adde Henn8
    Mikayla Rapant8
    Christina Retherford8
    Isabella Brown8
    Maddie Sadowski8
    Lydia Frank8
    Addy Raasch8

    Coach: Heidi Rapant
  • St. Paul’s, Muskego

    Principal: Mr. Seth Fitzsimmons
    Athletic Director: Mr. Josh Lepke
    Colors: Royal Blue and White
    Mascot: Eagles

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    7Erica Veley8
    15Amanda Esmeier8
    8Hannah Fitzsimmons8
    3Maddie Ralston8
    18Sophia Gruetzmacher8
    10Sophie Rynders8
    19Josie Prosser8
    17Hailey Foley8
    20Mallory Becker8
    9Hannah Rudoll7
    22Julia McLain7
    23Lauren McLain7
    24Maddy Boesel7
    25Tatum Jahns7

    Coach: Mark Sievert and Christel Strutz
  • Star of Bethlehem

    Principal: Mr. Micah Walz
    Athletic Director: Denise Bloomquist
    Colors: Royal and White
    Mascot: Stars

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    6Paige Shiery7
    7Alyssa Anderson8
    8Katie Raether7
    9Adelynn Reinhard7
    10Madison Wisniewski7
    11Paige Sievert8
    14Maddie Frank8
    16Julia Seeger7
    19Molly Knoll7
    20Abby Honeck7
    21Abigail Daley7
    22Ella Biesterfeld8

    Coaches: Doug Shiery
  • Trinity

    Principal: Mr. Justin Gut
    Athletic Director: Mrs. Cindy Gut
    Colors: Blue and Gold
    Mascot: Trojans

    NumberPlayer NameGrade
    1Addi Staab8
    2Mia Janazzo8
    3Ruby Friess8
    4Gracie Fregien8
    5Alexis Schram8
    6Makenna Boucher7
    7Ella Hunley7
    8Teagan Oertel7
    9Addy Zuniga7
    11Alayna Aparicia7
    12Bryn Woods8
    13Grace Pufahl7
    15Addy Eggert7
    18Chloe Hempe7
    19Malaya Dodge8
    20Mallory Harrington7

    Coach: Mrs. Cindy Gut
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