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  • How will my donation be used by Wisconsin Lutheran High School?

    Your donation will do two very important things:
    1) help WLHS cover all associated costs with acquiring the land,
    2) be put to immediate use for the 830+ students that currently call Wisconsin Lutheran home.
  • I heard that the land was not purchased outright, but rather acquired through a land swap Milwaukee County. Why?

    The simple answer is that a land swap was the only way to acquire the land adjacent to our property. Milwaukee County has done land swaps in the past and was open to the idea. The County was unwilling to sell the land outright to Wisconsin Lutheran High School. WLHS was able to purchase land that was on a list of property Milwaukee County was interested in obtaining. The land swap between WLHS and Milwaukee County was voted in unanimously.
  • What are the current needs of Wisconsin Lutheran High School?

    In order to meet the needs of our growing student body, WLHS is committed to helping our students grow closer to Jesus all while improving the quality and rigor of our academic offerings. We hope to increase student achievement and test scores, grow the amount of tuition assistance and scholarship dollars we can offer to deserving students, and empower our students to become servant leaders.
  • What costs are associated with the acquisition of the 2.5 acres?

    The largest cost associated with the land acquisition is the cost of the land, but there are several additional costs: the cost of the master site plan, legal fees, title fees, closing costs, etc. The goal of WLHS is to not just add 2.5 acres, but work to develop a plan that makes the best use of our entire property allowing us to serve as many students as possible.
  • What does the high school plan to do with the additional land?

    Those plans are still being developed by the master site planning task force, but the land acquisition ensures that students have ongoing access to the track, the path to Honey Creek Hall dormitory, the outdoor multipurpose classroom, parking, and more.
  • Why is the goal $1 million by January 31, 2020?

    Combined, the land swap purchase along with legal fees and the master site plan development have a cost of $500,000. Funding for the current needs of serving our students is an additional $500,000
  • Why are we raising more money than what is needed to purchase the land?

    At Wisconsin Lutheran High School our students and their needs come first. We are continuously raising dollars to support our students, which can become a challenge when a special opportunity, like acquiring additional land, comes along. Projects outside of our annual budget can sometimes take away from the day-to-day needs that we support so the decision was made to combine efforts in a single, comprehensive campaign called Gaining Ground.

Gaining Ground

If you have additional questions, we would love to hear from you. Please call the high school at 414-453-4567 to speak to someone in our mission advancement office.
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