College and Career Success

We're proud of our graduates and eager to share news of their accomplishments.
College Fast Track
Mason LaMarche (’15) has made the most of the talents he’s been given and is on his way to medical school in record time.

Thanks to Advanced Placement (AP) classes and academic gifts from God, LaMarche graduated from WLHS with 24 AP credits and entered the University of Iowa as a sophomore. This December, he completed his college studies in just 2 ½ years, earning a bachelor’s of arts degree in Health Sciences and Multidisciplinary Sciences and a 4.03 GPA. In addition, he scored in the top 5% nationally on his Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and will be attending medical school in the fall.

“The environment at Wisco was beneficial for me in so many ways. My teachers modeled Christian values. They taught me how to approach college-level courses and emphasized the importance of understanding concepts instead of just memorizing information. And, since it’s multicultural, when I got to a large university I already had the skills to meet new people and work collaboratively with others. Everything came together and made Wisco a really positive experience for me,” says LaMarche.

Top Engineering Student
Ally Lunow (’16) found her passion her junior year at WLHS.

“I went to the Career Fair and talked to a female industrial engineer. I knew right then that’s what I wanted to do,” says Lunow.

She is now studying at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville where she was a direct admit into the nationally regarded College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science.

Since she’s in a male-dominated field, Lunow is often one of just a few females in class but that doesn’t bother her.

“I quickly realized how well the Project Lead the Way® classes and hands-on curriculum at WLHS prepared me. Some of my peers had never been exposed to the labs, projects and tests I did in high school. It’s clear I had caring, committed teachers who were always pushing me to stretch and succeed. My faith and academic foundation heading into college have made a difference,” says Lunow.
A Career in the Arts
During her time at WLHS, Katie Lynne Krueger (’11) immersed herself in the arts and academics. 

Not only was she in Wisco Kids, Chamber Choir and musicals, she was also a talented student who scored an impressive 35 on the ACT, was class valedictorian and earned several college scholarships.

“I took a lot of AP courses and was definitely prepared for college. The speech and composition classes I had at Wisco really made a difference when I was writing college research papers and giving presentations,” says Krueger.

Krueger graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater with dual degrees—a bachelor of fine arts in Theater Management/Promotions and a bachelor of business administration in Marketing. Her first job after college was with the prestigious Goodman Theatre in Chicago.

“I appreciate Wisco’s dedication to the arts. I know that my high school years laid the foundation for my artistic endeavors and career,” says Krueger.
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