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  • Our Funky Family Olympics

    Micah Ricke
    Isabella Iglesias (a freshman from Alexandria, Virginia who lives in Antioch House) describes our last Funtivity of the year:  Our Funky Family Olympics . . . 
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  • Funtivity @ Bowling

    Micah Ricke
     Lauren Butler (a freshman from Manassas, Virginia who lives in Antioch House) describes what the Antioch ladies did to celebrate winning the 2016-2017 House Cup:  a little competition between the five Student Homes that calculated GPA, co-curriculars, practicing English and acts of integrity. . . 
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  • Funtivity @ Chicago Adventure

    Micah Ricke
    Nazil Arkin (senior from Urumqi, China who lives in Antioch House) describes an epic adventure we had in Chicago on a sunny Saturday in May . . . 
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  • One of the Family

    Micah Ricke
    Hansen Sun (freshman from Beijing, China who lives in Eden House) describes his experience with a wonderful family over Spring Break . . .
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  • Our Spectacular Seniors

    Micah Ricke
    I'm so very proud of our Student Homes and homestay seniors! This year we have thirteen scholars from four different countries graduating from Wisco. Can you imagine moving away from home as a fourteen-year-old and going to a high school in a completely different state or country? And then all your classes and teachers speak in a language that you didn't grow up speaking. I'm guessing I wouldn't be taking any AP classes. But not these spectacular seniors!
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  • the SHANs

    Micah Ricke
    The third annual SHANs (Student Homes Awards Night) took place this past Monday. The House Parents and I try to find an award, humurous or meaningful, to give the students as a way to not only honor them but remind them that they are loved! The award is written on the back of a t-shirt that we make screen print together. Here are a few highlights . . .
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WLHS student homes are a safe, structured, and loving family environment where scholars from around the world are given opportunities to grow:

List of 5 items.

  • Academically

    • Setting high academic goals
    • Providing a structured study schedule
    • Helping struggling scholars
    • Building English confidence and proficiency
  • Emotionally

    • Communicating with biological families
    • Building character through volunteer activities
    • Facing challenges rather than ignoring them
    • Practicing forgiveness and repentance
  • Physically

    • Maintaining healthy living and sleeping habits
    • Eating a balanced diet as a family
    • Providing opportunities to be active
    • Providing medical care when needed
  • Socially

    • Providing consistent discipline and guidance
    • Building life-long friendships
    • Pursuing integrity
    • Experiencing American culture and sharing their own
  • Spiritually

    • Sharing the beautiful truth of Jesus’ love
    • Being respectful of scholars of all faiths
    • Helping scholars make wise choices
    • Participating in family devotions

List of 3 items.

  • Student Homes

    Students have the opportunity to stay in student homes with caring, qualified house parents. House parents provide assistance and oversight to ensure good study habits and positive socialization. Students staying in the student homes will also have organized activities available after school and on weekends to ensure cultural experience, as well as structured free time during the week.
  • Home-stays

    WLHS also arranges home-stays in very special circumstances for a limited number of students, or in the event student homes are at capacity. An additional fee of $5,000 is added to the total cost of tuition and fees if a student requests and is placed in a host family.
  • Director of Residential Life

    The Director of Residential Life manages the student homes and provides additional 24 hour on-campus support. The director communicates directly with school administration, maintenance, food service, teachers, and the Director of the International Student Program regarding any building needs or needs of the students.

About Milwaukee

WLHS is located in the city of Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin, which is in the northern Midwest region of the United States. It is the 26th most populous city in the United States and is located just 70 miles from Chicago. The area has a wide variety of culture, including excellent museums, galleries, and theaters, and is nationally-known for its festivals. It also is home to several professional sports teams as well as many great public parks to enjoy. Discover more about Milwaukee.