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  • May


    The goal of the Construction Skills class each year is to be able to build a shed. This school year, two sheds were constructed. For the past month and a half, the class has been framing walls, attaching siding, and building rafters for the shed that was going to be put together off site. On May 18 and 19, with the help of students from other Woods classes as well as some football players, the components of the shed were moved on site. Jacob Corbett ('18), Matthew Smith ('17) and Jonathan Stamm ('17) did a great job using the skills they learned as well as being able to fight through the elements to complete the project.
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  • AP Calculus Exam

    Today the AP Calculus AB and BC students are getting ready for their final test of the year. They have been working hard! May God bless their preparation and studies. As we like to say in Calculus: "5 or go home." (Students taking AP exams need at least a 3 or higher rating to receive college credit. 5 points is the highest mark you can get on an AP test.)
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  • WLHS Music Department

    It was a successful day for the WLHS Music Department as they participated in the WSMA State Solo and Ensemble Festival held at UW-Milwaukee on Saturday, April 29. Nineteen first place gold medals were awarded along with seven second place silver medals. Exemplary Soloist awards were also given to Alyssa Casarez for both her Soprano Solo and Music Theater-Female Solo, Faith Goede for her Alto Saxophone solo, and Meghan Ludke for her Piano solo. This is a great honor! Congratulations to all on an excellent showing!
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  • April

    Miss Sarah Koelpin

    Miss Sarah Koelpin is a student teacher from Martin Luther College (MLC). She has been working with Spanish students since the beginning of March and will go back to MLC to graduate on 5 de mayo. Miss Koelpin is leading a skit in Spanish 4 as they read the novel Esperanza Renace (Esperanza Rising). We thank Miss Koelpin for her service here the past two months.  
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  • Supply and Demand in Economics Classes

    A recent activity from Economics classes teaches how supply can be affected by various factors. Students produced "widgets" (beads on a paperclip) in two teams. They then learned how increases in productivity, wages, taxes, and government regulations affect the numbers of widgets produced. The post-activity written reflection asked students to consider whether they would prefer to purchase more expensive, domestically-produced products or less expensive foreign-made products.
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  • Swing Dance

    Physical education classes have been enjoying a wide variety of activities including swing dancing. Life time fitness activities are a big part of our PE curriculum at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. 
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  • Speech Class

    In Mrs. Mary Schmal's speech class students presented informational topics using smart classroom technology and Google Presentation. Sam Gerhard ('19) spoke on "How Engines Work," and Jason Bonow ('19) on sororities and fraternities. Both did an excellent job teaching the class.
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  • March

    Spring Blooms

    "This is one of the best grown flower crops I've seen yet," says teacher Mr. Roger Festerling. Mr. Festerling's Biology classes have been growing sunflowers, zinnias, and marigolds this past quarter and the results have been over-"flowering!"
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  • "Living Word Competition" Photo Winner

    Congratulations to Isabella Iglesias ('20) for winning the Wisco Photo Club's "Living Word Competition." Her terrific picture (shown here) can also be seen on the monitors in the school's upper lobby. The Wisco Photo and Video Club is a newly formed group at Wisconsin Lutheran. The club strives to encourage students to use digital media in creative ways.
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  • Math Track Team

    The WLHS Math track team has enjoyed a successful season so far. The team won at Whitnall and took second place at home. The Math team finishes its season this Thursday. Go Math! 
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  • Reality Store

    Our annual Reality Store, under Mr. Jason Goede's direction, took place on Tuesday, February 28. The goal of this event is to teach our seniors how to spend, share, and save their God-given finances. Volunteers come in to help teach financial literacy to the students as they walk through a month of bill paying and dealing with the unexpected financial events (e.g. car repairs) that adults experience. 
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  • Campus Pastor Page for Students

    Campus pastor Phil Huebner has revealed to WLHS students the newly created resource board on onCampus called The Campus Pastor Page. Students can find links to daily devotions, prayers, and other spiritual content. They can also engage in discussion on religious topics, or send private questions to him to answer. A number of students have already made use of several of these features. Over time the page will grow to include many more resources for students to make use of and grow in faith.
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  • February

    Blast From the Past

    Here are pictures of the top ten seniors from the 1965 issue of the Pilot, Wisconsin Lutheran High School's newspaper. WLHS students have been practicing writing, editing, and revising text in this format for over 50 years. Do you recognize any of these alumni?
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  • Culinary Classes

    Looking for a way to simplify your food choices? Wisco culinary classes recommend eating your food closest to the way God made it, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Now and again, though, also enjoy a cookie with your friends as a special treat.
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  • Volunteer Honored

    Congratulations to Hannah Gorski ('19) for being recognized as a Local Honoree in the 2017 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program. The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program was designed to identify each state's top youth volunteers, and to hold them up as role models for other young people. Hannah's donations of toys, blankets, and food have been given to organizations such as: Wheaton Franciscan hospital, Milwaukee Rescue Mission, and Ronald McDonald House. Young volunteers like Hannah are inspiring examples to all of us, and are one of our brightest hopes for a better tomorrow.
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  • 3D Technology Enhances Learning in World History Class

    With a twelve dollar 3D headset, their own smart phones, and a virtual reality teaching tool called Expeditions, students in Mr. Iles' World History classes are now able to visit ancient Egpytian pyramids, see the top of Mt. Everest, swim in the depths of the ocean—all in a 42-minute class period. "We get to experience things as if we were there, rather than just looking at pictures in a book," says Hannah S., a freshman in Mr. Iles' class. "It shows us things we can't go see and makes it look even better than on a computer screen," says sophomore Colin O.
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  • WLHS Students Visit Martin Luther College

    On Thursday, January 26, twenty-eight WLHS sophomores, juniors, and seniors, accompanied by Mr. Joel Mattek and Mr. Skip Bremer, visited Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod's teacher and pastor training college, Martin Luther College (MLC), to learn more about studying to become a pastor, teacher, or staff minister. Our students had a great time during MLC’s winter festival weekend going to classes, staying in the dorms, and participating in festival activities.
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  • US History Students Take Citizenship Test

    These students are continuing their studies of American History in the second semester under the direction of Mr. Joel Mattek. Part of their studies have focused on taking the U.S. Citizenship Test. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has mandated that all students must successfully pass the Citizenship Test in order to graduate from high school. By the end of February, all WLHS students will be given the information and details that they need in order to take the test. The graduating class of 2017 will be the first required to pass it.
    A sample US citizenship test can be found here. Think you could pass?
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  • January

    Library Happenings

    Recently, freshman English classes came to the library to select titles for their next report, an account of a non-fiction event. Page Turners (the WLHS book club) will be reading and discussing Girl Underwater by Claire Kells in February.  Knitting will also be taught during lunch periods in the library at the end of January and into February.
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  • Spanish 3

    The students in Spanish 3 are learning the future verb tense. They are writing predictions about where their classmates will be and what they will be doing in the next 5, 10, 15 and 30 years.  
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