Fall Trip to Camp Phillip

Over 50 WLHS residential staff and students, international and domestic, boarding and homestay, mentors and leaders, travelled to Camp Phillip in Wautoma, Wisconsin for this year's Fall Retreat. 
Students participated in activities led by camp staff but also had a lot of free time, and used it well!  They put their phones and books down and balanced on high ropes, used GPS to explore the camp, went swimming, played basketball, soccer, dice, and music, and many students sat around their very first campfire toasting marshmallows and making S'mores!   During one pickup soccer game, being played by boys and girls, students and houseparents, one student remarked, "It's good to be here, everybody together." They also learned some common meal prayers, sang the popular hymn "Amazing Grace," and heard how successful relationships depend on forgiveness and undeserved love.  This annual retreat has proven to be an excellent way for our students to bond and strengthen their relationships for the year ahead.