Welcoming New International Students to WLHS

This year we welcome 35 new international students to the WLHS family. Together with the 35 returning international students, we have our largest and most diverse group of international students on record at WLHS from 18 different countries including:
Vietnam, China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Spain, Brazil, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma, Cameroon, Germany, India, Iran, Serbia, and United Kingdom.

For the first time, the nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Cameroon are part of our program.

New international students at WLHS receive a comprehensive orientation to prepare them for success in their new school environment. This includes training sessions about various aspects of school and dorm life, as well as receiving an American mentor student in their first year for peer support to get integrated into a new school culture. The students also enjoy getting to see local sites including the annual Wisconsin State Fair and a Milwaukee city highlights tour.

We wish all 70 of our international students a blessed school year. We are happy you are here!
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