Viking Christian Leaders: Love

Congratulations to Emma Pufahl ('21) and Dohyun (John) Park ('22) who were selected as Viking Christian Leaders for the month of August under “The Wisco Way Word": Love. We thank God for the way Emma and John have modeled servant leadership at school and in the community. Any student or staff member may nominate a student for the Viking Christian Leadership Award which is presented each month to one young man and one young woman.
Emma Pufahl is from Big Bend, Wis. where she is a member at Christ Lutheran Church and  also attended Lutheran Grade School.
Currently a senior at Wisco, Emma has participated in volleyball (freshman year), jazz band (9-12), inspiration (10-12), woodwind and percussion ensembles, jubilation (12), steelpan band, the Wisco musical all four years and drama production (junior and senior years). She is also in NHS, WWW (all for years), drama club, and attended a mission trip sophomore year.

Emma volunteers at her church teaching Sunday School, leading music for VBS, and is a member of youth group.
In her spare time, Emma enjoys playing piano and playing with her dog.
After graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Emma plans to attend Martin Luther College in New Ulm, double majoring in elementary ed and instrumental ed.
Emma characterizes love in Christian leadership as listening to others ideas, putting others before yourself, and God first in all do.

John Park is a member at Seoul Lutheran Church in his hometown of Seoul, Korea, and attended Muhak Middle School.
Currently a junior at Wisco, John has participated in football (freshman year), the runner-up esports team, concert band, and he is a member of the global leadership team and residential activities committee.

John has volunteered in his home congregation leading hymns, playing the drums and singing.
In his spare time, John enjoys playing sports, listening to music and talking with people.
After graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran High School, John plans to attend the University of British Columbia.
John characterizes love in Christian leadership as not judging people by outward appearance, but look inside at their personalities and try to include everyone.
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