WLHS’s exclusive International Student Program is designed with a great deal of individualized student attention and support.

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List of 2 news stories.

  • Badminton Tournament

    Competition was fierce at the annual New International Student Badminton Tournament. American mentor students teamed up with their respective international student mentee in a lively doubles tournament. The runners-up were Ana Veljkovic and her mentor Abigail Prosser. The first place winners and reigning badminton champions are Bill Nguyen and his mentor Ethan Enslen. Congratulations!
  • Counselor Presentation about Mental Health

    Mrs. Diana Migacz gave a presentation to the residential students about the importance of mental health for teenagers. Mrs. Migacz is a professional mental health counselor who works in WLHS Student Services to provide extra support for students. Students living away from their families can be vulnerable to culture shock, homesickness, loneliness and anxiety. Mrs. Migacz explained different ways students can take care of their mental health, as well as when they should look for help and what resources are available to them. She will also be meeting with each of the students personally to check in with how their year is progressing.

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