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  • The Houses of Honey Creek Hall

    At Honey Creek Hall, all of the students are organized into one of six different small groups, or “houses”, under the special care and mentorship of one of our dormitory supervisors. Throughout the year, the students meet together to discuss different life issues, share experiences with one another, and grow relationships with one another and their adult mentor. During the year they also plan a dinner together, and invite a faculty member as their guest. Recently Antioch House held their dinner with the math instructor Marc Shambeau and his family. Eden House had a Valentine’s themed house dinner with their guests, English instructor Chris Grzanna and art instructor Rachel Rosenberg. It was a special opportunity for them to cook and share food together, and share their gratitude with an instructor who has had a meaningful impact.
  • Winter Weekends at Honey Creek Hall

    Even in the winter, weekends in the dorm are full of fun activities! Every weekend has a different event planned. Recently teams of students battled it out in their own “Game Show.” They faced off in active contests like “cup flipping” relay races, used their brain power to unscramble words, and tested their musical knowledge by guessing the song lyrics. The winning team was crowned “Champion of Honey Creek Hall.”

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