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  • Graduation Events 2022

    The end of senior year is marked by several special events, culminating in the graduation ceremony. During the final days of class, seniors received their yearbook and yard sign, and had Senior Breakfast, Reunion Zero, Senior Chapel, and more. Seniors in the residential program, along with their families, attended the annual Residential Graduation Banquet. At the banquet, students were presented with a class gift from art instructor Mr. Michael Wiechmann, heard an encouraging message from math instructor Mr. Marc Shambeau, and were represented in student speeches from seniors Jeton Cesaj (Albania) and Allison Koh (South Korea). 

  • American Mentors to New International Students

    The April Global Leadership Team and Mentor Program event was an Easter Party. They organized an Easter egg hunt, ice cream, and other games. Mentor events this school year included snow tubing, bonfires at the dorm, Christmas and Lunar New Year parties, a badminton tournament, and many other fun and interactive events. 

    To help organize the events, a group of student leaders are selected for the Global Leadership Team. The Global Leadership Team consists of five American and five international students who assist in organizing and advising new international students and their American student mentors. The diversity of the team contributes to the creation of relevant and popular activities for students to develop strong, diverse cultural friendships. The new team selected for the 2022-2023 school year includes students from the U.S.A., Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

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