Weekends at Honey Creek Hall are an opportunity for students to try new things, build relationships with their dorm mates, explore the area, or just relax in the dormitory. 

Weekend Activities

Weekend activities are planned by the Residential Life Advisor, by Dorm Supervisors, by the Resident Activities Committee (RAC), and often by groups of friends. Supervisors also provide shuttles to the Mayfair Mall, to Target, to local grocery markets, and to Goodwill so students can shop for necessities, enjoy hanging out with friends off campus, and cooking different cuisines.

Students are encouraged to get exercise during the open gym and weight room times made available in the school building facilities, supervised by dormitory staff.

Outside School Activities

Going to high school in the U.S. is about more than just schoolwork. In Milwaukee, students can also experience and hopefully enjoy American and local culture. Fun activities are designed to give students a chance to put down their electronics and get outside in the real world and make some memories that they will never forget! 

The students go on quarterly outings to locations and events around the city of Milwaukee. They can be educational, recreational, or cultural, and not only allow students to explore their city and learn something new, but to bond with fellow students and the teachers and staff chaperones.

Past “Funtivities” have included:
  • Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Holiday Folk Fair
  • Harley Davidson Museum
  • Milwaukee Brewers baseball game
  • Pumpkin farm and corn maze
  • Mini golf
  • Milwaukee Zoo
  • Rock climbing
  • . . . and many more!
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