• Annual Labor Day Weekend Camp

    It is a favorite tradition for all of the residential students to go to a camp over the Labor Day holiday weekend. Through this great community-building experience, new and returning students are able to make the most of the long weekend to get to know one another and enjoy the great outdoors.

    At Imago Dei Village Camp, the students stay overnight in cabins and enjoy swimming and kayaking in the lake, playing sports, a rock climbing wall and escape room, and eating s’mores around a campfire. Students are also divided into teams to participate in different challenges and contests throughout the weekend, which grow their teamwork skills and help them develop new friendships that they will build on for the rest of the school year.
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  • Welcoming New International Students to WLHS

    This year we welcome 35 new international students to the WLHS family. Together with the 35 returning international students, we have our largest and most diverse group of international students on record at WLHS from 18 different countries including:
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  • English Excellence Summer Camp Returns to WLHS

    Over the past three weeks, WLHS has welcomed students from around the world to its English Excellence Summer Camp.  In total, thirty-four students from Brazil, China, Japan, Spain, and Thailand have participated. The three-week camp consisted of morning English skills classes, with each week additionally including a STEM, Social Studies, or Arts specialty course.
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  • Graduation Events 2022

    The end of senior year is marked by several special events, culminating in the graduation ceremony. During the final days of class, seniors received their yearbook and yard sign, and had Senior Breakfast, Reunion Zero, Senior Chapel, and more. Seniors in the residential program, along with their families, attended the annual Residential Graduation Banquet. At the banquet, students were presented with a class gift from art instructor Mr. Michael Wiechmann, heard an encouraging message from math instructor Mr. Marc Shambeau, and were represented in student speeches from seniors Jeton Cesaj (Albania) and Allison Koh (South Korea). 

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  • American Mentors to New International Students

    The April Global Leadership Team and Mentor Program event was an Easter Party. They organized an Easter egg hunt, ice cream, and other games. Mentor events this school year included snow tubing, bonfires at the dorm, Christmas and Lunar New Year parties, a badminton tournament, and many other fun and interactive events. 

    To help organize the events, a group of student leaders are selected for the Global Leadership Team. The Global Leadership Team consists of five American and five international students who assist in organizing and advising new international students and their American student mentors. The diversity of the team contributes to the creation of relevant and popular activities for students to develop strong, diverse cultural friendships. The new team selected for the 2022-2023 school year includes students from the U.S.A., Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.
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  • Senior Seminar in Madison

    In just four short weeks, the graduating WLHS Class of 2022 will walk across the podium, accept their diplomas, and step into the world of higher education. As our students prepare for this significant life transition, the residential program held a seminar to help them begin thinking about the new opportunities, decisions, and responsibilities that they will soon be facing as adults.
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  • Chicago Trip for Juniors

    Junior (Grade 11) students in the residential program recently went on the first annual class trip to the city of Chicago — just a short 1.5-hour drive from Milwaukee. Students spent the day making memories with their closest classmates as they toured the city. They visited famous sites like the Willis Tower, Millennium Park, the Magnificent Mile, and the Art Institute of Chicago. They also enjoyed Chicago's famous deep-dish pizza from Giordano’s and dinner at various restaurants in Chinatown.   
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  • Houses of Honey Creek Hall

    At Honey Creek Hall, all of the students are assigned to one of six different “houses," under the special care of one of our dormitory supervisors. Throughout the year, the students meet together to talk through different life issues, share experiences with one another, and grow relationships with one another and the supervisor. During the year they also plan a dinner together, and invite a faculty member as their guest. Students will plan, cook, and serve the dinner together, and enjoy bringing a favorite teacher into their home-away-from-home.
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  • 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program

    Congratulations to juniors Jacob Alejandro (St. John's, Wauwatosa), Allison Bauer (Garden Homes, Milwaukee), Wenli Chen (St. John's, Wauwatosa), Silas Ebeling (St. John's, Wauwatosa), Jack Goelz (St. Paul's, Muskego), Wenyuan Li (China), and Xingzhi Li (China) for taking the 2021 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) and meeting requirements to enter the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program.
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  • Milwaukee Museums

    Dormitory students enjoy a wide variety of different outings around the city of Milwaukee as part of the boarding program — recreational activities, cultural fairs, art exhibits, sporting events and more. In the colder months of February and March, they took trips to the four biggest museums in Milwaukee. Harley Davidson is the famous U.S. motorcycle company founded in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Public Museum features historical, science, and cultural exhibits. Discovery World is an interactive science museum with hundreds of hands-on displays and a large aquarium. At the Milwaukee Art Museum, it was especially exciting to see art on display by our student Sarah Lee (‘23), who earned recognition and honor in a special student exhibit!
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  • Residential Program Attends Milwaukee Bucks NBA Game

    Students in the WLHS Residential Program had the opportunity to attend a thrilling professional basketball game. The hometown Milwaukee Bucks had a rematch against the Phoenix Suns, their rival from the 2021 NBA Finals. Once again, the Bucks were the victors in a spectacular showdown. After the game, the WLHS group enjoyed the special privilege of walking onto the court for a photo opportunity.
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  • Snow Tubing Trip

    One of the most beloved events for the new international students and their American mentors is the annual snow tubing trip. Students took a bus ride to Sunburst Winter Sports Park, which boasts the largest snow tubing hill in the world! The students enjoyed the relatively mild weather as they slid down the slick tubing lanes.
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  • The Wisco Pilot

    Wisconsin Lutheran High School offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities for every interest—everything from athletics to fine arts, leadership training, volunteering, and academic organizations. One popular co-curricular, The Pilot, is the student newspaper. Students from all grade levels write, edit, and publish articles relating to current school news and issues. Students also execute the publication’s design and layout. In the February edition of The Pilot, read about the Year of the Tiger and the Chinese New Year celebration, as well as the origins of WLHS dating back to 1903 and a recap of Wisco’s recent Winter Festival in photos. Click here to read the full edition.
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  • Language Learners Club

    One of the newest clubs at Wisconsin Lutheran High School was inspired by the World Language Tables — an annual tradition during International Education Week. Club organizer Peri-monique Harris (‘25) was motivated to practice her language skills and to connect others who also have an interest in world languages. She started the Language Learners Club to give students an opportunity to practice together, share tips about learning languages, and explore other cultures through language. While Wisco offers Spanish, German, and Latin classes, this club encourages students to pursue other languages — some of which happen to be the mother tongues of some of our international students.
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  • Welcoming Brazilian Friends

    The WLHS International Program hosted a special two-week winter camp program for three wonderful students visiting from Bragança Paulista, Brazil.
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  • Lunar New Year Party 2022

    Students and guests celebrated the Year of the Tiger with the annual Lunar New Year Party on Friday, January 28, 2022.
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  • Hands by Sarah Lee ('24), Gold Key Award

    Students Receive Scholastic Art Awards

    Four WLHS students won recognition for six pieces in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! Additionally, the works of art that received a Gold Key will be displayed at the Milwaukee Art Museum for a two-month art show with the best student artists in Wisconsin. The Scholastic Art Awards: Wisconsin Exhibition will be on view Saturday, February 5, through Sunday, March 20, in the Schroeder Galleria at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Come view the exhibition when it's up!
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  • Welcome to Our Newest WLHS International Students

    Two new international students from Iran and China arrived safely in Milwaukee last week to join the WLHS family for the start of the second semester. The students participated in several orientation sessions around the dormitory, school, and city to welcome them and prepare them for the start of their academic journey at WLHS.
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