Homestay Families

In addition to Honey Creek Hall dormitory, families can select the local homestay family option. Homestay hosts are loving families from the WLHS community including parents of local students and current and retired faculty members. International students are immersed in an English-speaking environment, experience more of American family life and culture, and receive the support of parents and siblings in the home atmosphere. Homestay hosts communicate regularly with the family abroad, to optimize care for their student.

An extra charge of $5,500 for the school year will be added for the homestay option, above the cost of residential fees.

Short-Term Homestays

During the holiday breaks, dormitory students are invited to stay with local families for a short period of time while the dormitory is closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring vacations. This is a valuable opportunity for students to observe American holiday traditions, form strong ties with local friends, and have a relaxing vacation away from the school and dormitory. These families help students to have an unforgettable experience while they are far away from their own home on the holidays.
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