Below are some questions that are frequently asked about the WLHS Foundation. If you have another question that you do not see below, please email your questions to Mr. Eric Ruh, Director of Planned Giving, at

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • 1. What is the WLHS Foundation’s legal name and tax ID number?

    Wisconsin Lutheran High School Foundation, Inc.
    330 N. Glenview Ave.
    Milwaukee, WI 53213

    Tax Identification #39-2028988
  • 2. What is the Wisconsin Lutheran High School Foundation, Inc.?

    The Wisconsin Lutheran High School Foundation is an independent organization that mobilizes the resources, leadership, ideas, and financial support necessary for enabling the mission and vision of Wisconsin Lutheran High School.
  • 3. Are donations to WLHS Foundation tax-deductible?

    Yes. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, the WLHS Foundation is qualified to receive tax-deductible donations. A receipt will be issued promptly after your donation is processed.
  • 4. May I give stock?

    Yes. Doing so may allow you a tax deduction of the entire current value of the stock while avoiding capital gains taxes. Consult your broker about stock sold as a charitable gift. The process for donating stock is simple, contact Mr. Eric Ruh for details.
  • 5. Can I give gifts to the WLHS Foundation over several years?

    Absolutely. You may make gifts at any time.
  • 6. What types of contributions can be made to the WLHS Foundation?

    • Checks
    • American Express, MasterCard, VISA, or Discover
    • Automatic Monthly contributions through credit cards or electronic check
    • Securities – Shares of stocks, bonds and mutual funds
    • Charitable IRA rollover (as allowed by law)
    • QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution)
    • Wills, bequests, trusts
    • Real estate
    • Life insurance
  • 7. I’m not sure how much to give. Is there a minimum?

    There is no minimum amount for a gift – it is a personal decision. Every gift is meaningful to the WLHS Foundation regardless of size. It is the participation in building something great together that is so appreciated.
  • 8. When do most people give?

    Although people can give at any time, most donations to the WLHS Foundation come by making a gift in their will or trust or by naming the WLHS Foundation as a transfer-on-death beneficiary upon the death of the donor.
  • 9. How do I know the Foundation will use my donation for the intended purpose?

    The WLHS Foundation Board of Directors is guided by its established investment and distribution policies as well as the specific donor’s intent. The Foundation Board does not write a blank check to the high school. Instead, the Foundation Board makes a commitment to provide funds for tuition assistance and specific faculty positions and programs based on the recommendations of the Board and the intent of the donors as expressed in their estate gift instructions. The high school’s administration then reports to the WLHS Foundation’s Board how the funds were used.
  • 10. Can I give anonymously?

    There is no WLHS Foundation without donors. Every donor makes a difference, and each gift deserves to be acknowledged. However, you can give anonymously by noting it on your donation. We will honor your request.
  • 11. What are the steps the WLHS Foundation takes to process a contribution?

    • The WLHS Foundation sends a thank you letter/tax receipt to the donor.
    • The donor's gift information is added to a database.
    • The donation is deposited into the appropriate fund in the WLHS Foundation’s assets which are managed by the WLHS Foundation’s Investment Advisor under the supervision of the WLHS Foundation’s Board.
  • 12. What is an endowed scholarship?

    An endowed scholarship is a donor-restricted gift that is invested in a diversified investment portfolio. An annual distribution from the endowed scholarship is used to provide a source of ongoing financial support for an area of the WLHS ministry as identified by the donor. Through the WLHS Foundation, an individual, family, or congregation can establish an endowed scholarship, such as the Jones Family Memorial Scholarship Fund or the St. Peter’s Scholarship Fund. Endowed scholarships can be established with current gifts or testamentary gifts (i.e. wills, trusts, beneficiary designations on retirement accounts, insurance proceeds, etc.). An endowment has a $50,000 minimum requirement.
  • 13. Why give an endowed scholarship?

    The WLHS Foundation endowed scholarship program has grown because of donors’ interest in encouraging and empowering future Christian leaders. Naming an endowed scholarship is an opportunity to perpetuate your own interest in WLHS or to recognize or memorialize a loved one, friend, classmate, or business. All students who receive a named scholarship are made aware that others share a commitment to their education and are given an opportunity to meet the donor when possible.

    Click here for a list of endowed scholarships.
  • 14. How much money does it take to establish an endowed scholarship?

    Although gifts of any size can be contributed toward general tuition assistance, an endowed scholarship that will give out an annual scholarship requires a minimum gift of $50,000, as the preferred minimum scholarship is $2,000. Each scholarship is then funded annually with the investment earnings from that principal. The principal remains intact to grow in perpetuity.
  • 15. Does the WLHS Foundation Board of Directors receive compensation?

    No. The WLHS Foundation does not financially compensate its Foundation Board members. The Board members not only donate their time and talent to the WLHS Foundation, but also a measure of their treasure. They serve out of a sense of commitment and dedication to the gospel ministry of WLHS.
  • 16. Can I set up a scholarship for a specific person, e.g. a grandchild or family member?

    Generally, charitable giving principles and the IRS, with its “personal benefit” clause intend that individuals should not benefit personally (at least intentionally) from a gift made to a charitable organization. The only intentional benefit should be the joy of helping others. It would not be ethical, nor possible, to designate a gift and then claim it as a tax deduction, when it is intended as a reward for a specific person. For this reason, donors are welcome to establish scholarships, but the determination and awarding of scholarship are controlled not by donors but by the WLHS administration following a specific set of guidelines that are related to each individual scholarship.
  • 17. Who can I contact when I have questions?

    Eric Ruh
    Director of Planned Giving
    414-453-4567, Ext. 2011
Phone: 414-453-4567  |  Fax: 414-453-3001
Federal Tax ID Number: 39-2028988