At WLHS, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of liberal arts co-curricular activities geared to many different interests.

It's Easy to Get Involved

Co-curricular activities provide students the opportunity to meet new friends and to gain valuable experience for future life roles. To participate in any co-curricular activity, students must be in “good standing” with a minimum of a 1.5 grade point average. Annually, over 85 percent of WLHS students participate in one or more co-curricular activities.
Clubs and activities meet before, during and after school, which means there is plenty of time to get involved, even for students who are active in sports.


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  • Robotics Team

    The Robotics Team designs and builds robots to compete against robots built by other area high schools. Students who want to learn more about physics, math, and science excel in this club. Members meet after school leading to regular competitions in the area and championship competitions throughout the country.
  • Tutors

    Tutors are willing students who wish to share their skills and abilities with those in academic need. Tutors help other students with study skills, homework, and test preparation.

Faith and Service

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  • Mission Trips

    WLHS assist in spreading the good news of God’s grace throughout the world while providing students with the opportunity to experience both foreign and home mission work.

    • Students will provide a service to their Lord and to the missions where they serve by teaching or by doing any other tasks identified as helpful.
    • The Gospel is spread to people, especially young children, of other cultures.
    • Students can share their joy and their experience with fellow students and with their own congregations.
    • Students develop a lifelong desire to support the worldwide work of God’s Kingdom.
  • Student Council

    Student Council members and officers are elected by the student body. Students need signatures from a percentage of the members of their class to be nominated. They are chosen by the Student Council advisor and a selection committee. The council organizes social activities, mission opportunities, and service opportunities for the school.
  • Wisco Witnesses in the World (WWW)

    Wisco Witnesses in the World (WWW) is a service-minded group seeking to chare the love of Jesus in the community, our area WELS churches and in the family of Wisconsin Lutheran High school.

    Over one-hundred students from grades 9-12 serve on one or more of the six committees, which are:
    • Church Outreach
    • Community Outreach
    • Decorating
    • Grade School
    • International and World Outreach
    There is an executive board over the entire group and there are two or three co-chairmen over each committee.

Honor Societies

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  • National Honors Society

    The National Honor Society provides recognition to seniors with leadership skills and organizes them for mission and service work. These students are chosen by a committee of faculty members on the basis of their scholastic ability, character, leadership, and service to the school, church, and community.


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  • Chess

    Wisco Chess teaches the game of chess to beginners and advanced players alike. Whether you are just learning how the pieces move or are studying the complexities of strategy, you can always improve! Wisco Chess also competes against other high schools in the Milwaukee conference and at the Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Championships. Click here for the chess homepage.
  • Page Turners Book Club

    Page Turners is the WLHS book club. The club meets once every month during the lunch periods. The students sign up in the library, pick up a copy of the chosen book, and then meet on a designated day during their lunch period for discussion. Any student who loves to read would enjoy and benefit from being a member of Page Turners.
  • Plautz Fund

    The Lauretta Plautz Fund is a portfolio of stocks donated by Mr. Mark Plautz in memory of his wife. Students are selected each year to research and monitor these stocks. Decisions are made on which stocks to buy and sell in the fund and how to best distribute the dividend earnings for use by WLHS.
    SKILLS: Students with a desire to learn about good Christian stewardship, investing and the study of individual stocks are eligible. Selections are made at the end of the students’ junior year to serve on the Plautz Fund board their senior year.
    COMMITMENT: The Plautz Fund meets once a month during the school year.
    JOIN: Students who have an interest in this group may inquire in the Central Office. A presentation and applications will be given to Junior religion classes in the spring semester each year.
  • Student Aides

    Student Aides assist various offices with a variety of tasks. The time spent doing this is in place of a study hall.


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  • Compass (Yearbook)

    Compass is the school yearbook. Staff members experience working on layout design as well as other creative endeavors. Students develop expertise in print, computer, and photographic technologies while publishing the annual yearbook. In the spring, seniors will be asked to send in their bios for the Compass.
  • Pilot (Newsletter)

    The Pilot is the student newspaper. Students from all grade levels write, edit and publish articles relating to current school news and issues. Students also execute the publication’s design and layout.
  • Tech Team

    The Tech Team members work with audio and video production and recording at WLHS. They get the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art electronic equipment and frequently operate systems in the WLHS auditoium and provide their services for various events.

The Arts

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  • Art Club

    Art Club at WLHS is a group of students who get together to make things. They work on varying projects from large murals to locker signs. Art Club is a weekly gathering of creative minds to collectively bring beauty and creativity to spaces. Students of all levels of creative quality are encouraged to come and be a part of the Wisco Art Army!
  • Drama Club

    The purpose of the Drama Club is to offer a time and place for students to develop their God-given performance talents. The students’ knowledge of theatre arts will grow as they perform before audiences in the annual play and musical.
  • Forensics

    Forensics team members speak competitively in various forensic categories established by the Wisconsin High School Forensics Association. Students participate in forensic festivals and tournaments providing them the opportunity to meet other high school students, improve public speaking skills, earn college scholarships, and have fun.
  • Instrumental and Vocal Ensembles

    Wisconsin Lutheran offers a variety of curricular and extracurricular instrumental and vocal ensembles through our band, choirs, and jazz programs. To learn more and see the full list, visit our Fine Arts page.
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