Guide for Spiritual Life After High School

Survival Guide for Spiritual Life After High School

One of the blessings of a WLHS education is a solid spiritual foundation, based on Jesus Christ and holy Scripture. This foundation is developed and reinforced through daily chapel, theology classes, and integration of Scripture into all of our subject areas and co-curriculars. As our graduates leave WLHS, Satan works hard to chip away at this foundation through the unscriptural philosophies found in our world and advocated on university campuses. In addition to the fine work done by family, loved ones, and campus ministries, we want to provide scriptural resources for our graduates to turn to when their spiritual foundation needs strengthening or when they face questions from others. We have found the sites linked below to be valuable scriptural resources presented from a confessional Lutheran perspective. Our prayer is that our students, graduates, and parents will find them edifying and useful as they live and witness their faith in Christ.
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