The Viking Christian Leaders Academy's (VCLA) mission is to support the WLHS culture by strengthening its student leaders and helping them take the next step with their leadership skills.

VCLA is a program of Wisco Witness in the World (WWW) and the Jerusalem committee. 

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  • Impact Teams

    VCLA is made up of four to five Impact Teams. Each Impact Team  is be led by a faculty advisor(s) who will facilitate monthly discussions and reflection on WLHS Wisco Way Christian leadership characteristics. In addition, Impact teams will be asked to support homeroom discussion on the Wisco Way words throughout the school year.
  • Impact Journals

    VCLA student members will be responsible for keeping an Impact Journal. This journal will provide students the opportunity to reflect and chronicle their leadership experiences and document thoughts on how they can continue to use their gifts to impact others with the Gospel message.

VLCA Benefits

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  • Build Resume

    Colleges and employers like to see that a candidate has strong leadership qualities; it means they have good integrity, can motivate themselves and others, and have the initiative to go above and beyond!
  • Evidence of Growth as a Leader

    Colleges and employers are asking more behavior-based questions to find out candidates' strengths. This program will give you real leadership examples and opportunities to reflect and discuss your leadership experiences. Your Impact journal will allow you to reflect and document your growth as a leader.
  • Making an Impact

    Studies show that involvement in extracurricular activities has a positive effect on student learning and the overall educational experience. Students who are actively engaged are more likely to have success in school. This program encourages you to impact others to get involved and to promote a positive Christian culture at school, church, home and community.
    • Volunteering and humility (servant leadership)

    • Values and qualities of a leader

    • Starting a club at Wisco

    • Being a Christian Mentor

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