Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Lutheran High School is one of the largest and most comprehensive private Christian high schools in the Greater Milwaukee area.

WLHS is also the oldest Lutheran high school in the United States, with a rich history dating back to 1903.

Where Success Means More

Today’s parents and students struggle with an important question. What does “success” mean for a high school student?

Defining success can be complicated. The landscape of job and career opportunity is changing at a rate never before seen in history. And the stakes continue to grow higher in terms of rising college tuition and debt.

Parents also want their students to have uplifting experiences and solid influences in high school—experiences and influences that will build their character, prepare them for a world of diversity, and put them on a path to reach their God-given potential.

Add to that the most important element of all—a solid and active faith in their Savior, Jesus Christ, along with a heart for loving, servant-leadership in a world filled with hate and division.

At Wisconsin Lutheran High School, it’s the COMBINATION of FAITH, OPPORTUNITY, CHARACTER, UNITY, and SUPPORT that gives our students the BEST POSSIBLE high school experience—and prepares them for a future of real success.

That success formula is what makes Wisconsin Lutheran High School DIFFERENT from any other high school experience.

At WLHS . . . Success Means More!

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  • Faith Comes First

    At WLHS, faith is the foundation of everything we do.

    Every day, students hear the pure gospel and the good news of sins forgiven in Jesus Christ. Students have the opportunity to reflect Christ’s love though worship, the arts, leadership programs, mission trips, and community service.

    WLHS’ comprehensive approach to spiritual growth gives students the foundation they will need wherever their path leads after high school.
  • A Lifetime of Opportunity

    WLHS understands that students have a broad and diverse range of post-high school goals including college and scholarships. That’s why WLHS offers a broad range of academic paths in order to help every student pursue ambitious career goals and reach their God-given potential.

    WLHS’s 140+ course offerings include advance-placement, engineering, fine arts, world languages, trade and technology, business education, theology, and much more.

    WLHS teachers and guidance staff are trained, highly professional, and responsive. They help students and parents find direction, and provide the care and support each student deserves.
  • Character Counts

    Teachers, directors, and coaches are primary influencers in the lives of high school students. In fact—teachers, directors, and coaches often spend more time with high school students than their own parents.

    WLHS has talented, committed, and dedicated teachers who BUILD CHRISTIAN CHARACTER and influence students for a lifetime.

    WLHS offers leadership opportunities, clubs, service, athletics, and more—all to help students develop the character and teamwork traits they’ll need as leaders and influencers in their homes, workplaces, and communities.
  • A Unity That's Real

    WLHS is one of the most diverse, cross-cultural schools of its size—public or private—in Milwaukee.

    WLHS prepares students for the realities of higher education and careers—which often includes working together with people from a broad range of cultures and customs.

    At WLHS, students of diverse colors, cultures, and ethnicities “do life together.” They experience unity in faith, in forgiveness, and in working together for important causes. Through shared experiences, they learn to understand, love, and respect each other.
  • A Legacy of Support

    When you enroll at WLHS, you’re not just enrolling at a school—you’re joining an enormous family.

    In fact, you are backed by the nation’s oldest Lutheran high school and a network of 118 years’ worth of alumni. You are also backed by more than 50 conference churches in southeast Wisconsin, as well as an army of parents, donors, and friends who are all deeply invested and committed to the success of your child.

WLHS At A Glance

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  • A Caring, Christian Atmosphere

    In a school-wide survey, 93% of WLHS students agree or strongly agree with this statement:
    “My teacher reflected Christ’s love by caring about me as a person and as a student.”
  • Enrollment: 857 (for 2021-22)

  • Course Offerings

    WLHS offers 140+ courses to prepare students for every goal from college and university to the trades.
  • Test Achievements

    WLHS’ best scores, as reported to colleges, show the top 75 percent of seniors averaged 27.8 (70th percentile) on the ACT! In addition, FOUR WLHS students have achieved a perfect 36 ACT test score in the past years.
  • Advanced Placement Success

    Seventy-three percent of WLHS students who took the AP test scored a 3 or higher (on a scale of 1-5) on 175 AP exams for a total of 525 college credit savings. This is a $311,850 potential savings.
  • Average Daily Attendance

    WLHS students take school seriously. That’s reflected by a 96% daily attendance rate.
  • One-to-One Technology

    Every WLHS student is issued a Chromebook computer in order to take advantage of the most advanced integration of technology and online resources. Chromebooks also allow students impacted by COVID-19 to stay on top of coursework from home—or anywhere.
  • International Influence

    In 2019-2020, the WLHS student body included (70) international students representing 13 different countries of origin.
  • Multiethnic Diversity

    WLHS serves one of the most diverse, cross-cultural student bodies in Milwaukee. The 2021-2021 enrollment included:
    • .09% American Indian/Alaskan Native/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
    • 9% Asian
    • 34.2% Black/African American
    • 8.9% Latino/Hispanic
    • 47% White
  • Co-curricular Activities

    67% of WLHS students participate in one or more co-curricular activities ranging from athletics to robotics. And in 2020-21, despite COVID, 100% of regular athetlic programs were offered.
  • Fine Arts Participation

    90% of the academic top ten in 2020-21 participated in fine arts. WLHS is one of three high schools in Wisconsin that offers a Steelpan (steel drum) band.
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