Comprehensive Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive curriculum at WLHS to help each student achieve his or her God-given potential. We pray that students will select courses at WLHS that lead to the path God has planned for them once they have completed their high school years. Courses in English, practical arts, mathematics, business education, social studies, fine arts and other areas will help our students prepare for lives of service to their Lord. Among the ways to serve God are the preaching, teaching, and staff ministries. Some of our students will continue their education in 4-year colleges. Others will be best served by attending technical and vocational schools. As Christian stewards our students will pursue excellence in whatever programs they have selected

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  • Graduation Requirements

    We have the following minimum requirements which must be met for graduation. Some of the units must be in specific, required courses.

    • Theology - 4.0 units
    • English -  4.0 units
    • Science -  3.0 units
    • Mathematics -   3.0 units
    • Social Studies - 3.0 units (Including completion of Civics Test)
    • Health/Phy Ed -1.5 units
    • Electives - 5.0 units
      (Classes of 2017 and 2018 require 5.5)
    • Arts (Broadly Defined) - 0.5 units
      (Art requirement begins with the class of 2019)
    • 24 units total

      To find out more about how WLHS is implementing the new math and science initiative Project Lead the Way, or to find out more about the Advanced Placement courses offered at WLHS, click here.
    • Course Values

      All full year courses are worth one unit; one-semester courses are worth one-half unit; quarter courses are worth one-quarter unit.
    • Course Load

      Freshmen students must carry a minimum of 6.0 units. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors must carry a minimum of 7.0 units. The following types of courses must be included in the specified year with the remaining units from elective courses. FRESHMEN: theology, English, science, mathematics, and Christian health & wellness. SOPHOMORES: theology, English, science, mathematics, and physical education.  JUNIORS: theology, English, social studies, and physical education. SENIORS: theology, social studies, and English, unless already completed as electives.
    • Course Selection

      FRESHMEN placement in classes is based on the entrance exam, a review of their previous achievement test scores, a recommendation from the eighth grade teacher or principal, and family recommendations.

      CONTINUTING STUDENTS need a “C” or better in many courses to be automatically cleared to take the next course in sequence. A “C” or better is the definition of successfully completing a course. After serious evaluation a parental override could be submitted if a student has a “C-” or “D+.”  Courses which have been taken and passed, but need a higher level of competency, may be retaken to allow the student to progress to the next course in sequence. The higher grade received will be the official grade for the course but credit will only be awarded one time for taking the course. Courses should be selected which contribute to the young Christian’s life plan.. To view a student's typical course progression 
      click here. 
    • Advanced Studies for WLHS Students

      We encourage students to develop all of their God-given gifts to the fullest. For our more academically gifted students we have an agreement with Wisconsin Lutheran College for our students to participate in their Young Scholars Program. The costs are shared by WLHS, WLC, and the family. Details are available in the Guidance Office.
    • Schedule Changes

      Students should make careful choices consistent with their goals when selecting their courses. This will largely avoid schedule changes. Should a change become necessary, it must be made with the approval of the instructors and parent(s), along with a $40.00 course change fee, within the first five school days of the course. Students will receive an "F" for courses dropped after that time period unless the drop is suggested by the instructor or advisor under special circumstances.
    • Official Transcripts

      Need official transcripts?

      Current students can request transcripts to be sent via their Naviance accounts. If you are having trouble accessing your account please come to the Guidance Office for assistance.
    • Testing Program

      All Sophomores will take the ASPIRE assessment. Juniors are encouraged to take the PSAT test. College-bound students are also encouraged to take the ACT or SAT at the end of their Junior year or at the beginning of their Senior year. Be sure to check which test is required for the colleges being considered.


    Course Catalog

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    • Project Lead the Way

      WLHS is proud to offer Project Lead the Way©, a demanding engineering based program. Project Lead the Way was designed to address the shortage of engineers in the United States. Students who participate in Wisconsin Lutheran High School’s four-year program will be prepared for the strenuous science and engineering classes offered at the best colleges and universities.

      Classes included in the Project Lead the Way tract are: 
      • Introduction to Engineering Design
      • Principles of Engineering
      • Computer Science Principles
      • Engineering Design and Development

    Course Changes and Withdraw Policy

    Student schedules, teaching assignments and staffing decisions are based on the course requests completed by students along with their counselor each spring. Parents should approve these requests by logging into the onCampus system (click here) and reviewing course requests with their student and contacting the Guidance Office with any questions. Students will have the opportunity to request course changes from June 1-12, when final grades for second semester have been posted. After June 12, the spring course request process is FINAL and the student is then committed to completing those courses requested for the following school year. As such, it is vital that course preferences are accurate and that course loads are reasonable and balanced.

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    • Pastoral Ministry at Martin Luther College

      Young men thinking about being a pastor should take the normal college core curriculum. You may be admitted to MLC with a minimum of two years of a foreign language. However, MLC recommends that you take a minimum of three units of Latin (through the senior year of high school) and two units of either German or Spanish. MLC also prefers two units of music. TEACHING/STAFF
    • Ministry at Martin Luther College

      A minimum of 12 core academic units, a cumulative GPA of 2.0, and a minimum ACT score of 18 are required for admission. The normal college core curriculum should be taken. Some music is desired, including Music Theory.
    • Wisconsin Lutheran College

      All applicants should take the normal college core curriculum. Sixteen academic units are required and 2-4 years of a single foreign language are recommended.
    • Typical Minimum Core College Curriculum

      Each college campus has its own requirements. However, many colleges and universities require a common core. The University of Wisconsin System requires that all applicants take the ACT and have the following 17 required units:
      • English - 4 units
      • Mathematics - 3 units
      • Social Science - 3 units
      • Natural Science - 3 units
      • Academic Electives - 4 units
      The academic electives must be from the above areas or foreign language, fine arts, computer science or other academic areas. Especially in the field of foreign languages, an individual campus may have different requirements.
    • Vocational/Technical Schools

      There are a variety of degree granting and certificate programs available at vocational and technical colleges and schools. Students are encouraged to take those courses which will give them strong preparation in their areas of interest. MATC and WCTC prefer or require entrants take the ACCUPLACER test.
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