Student Services Guarantees

Academic Counseling

All students have a four-year academic plan and a post high school plan. 

College and Career Counseling

All students have a post high school plan and tools to be a productive and independent Christian member of their community.

Mental Health Services

Social and emotional learning and soft life skills are delivered at each grade level. 

Student Services

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  • About

    Our staff are proud members of state and national counseling organizations (WSCA and ASCA). Each member holds a M.Ed School Counseling or Leadership and is passionate about delivering exceptional Academic and Career Plans (ACP) to every student. As a Career Technical Education (CTE) school, WLHS guides students to create strategic pathways for post high school success.
  • Mission Statement

    Wisconsin Lutheran Student Services partners with students to be future focused for productive, Christ-centered lives by taking ownership in their well-being and exploration toward life goals in a diverse world.
  • Vision Statement

    Every Wisconsin Lutheran student and parent receives exceptional student services that guide and support families with academic, college and career counseling, and mental health services using collaborative solutions with faculty, to prepare future generations for success to the glory of God.
  • Core Value

    Wisconsin Lutheran Student Services is committed to purposeful engagement and having collaborative solutions among students, parents, and staff. Students will be empowered to create healthy habits for growth and explore potential vocations to be productive Christian citizens in a diverse world.

College Credit/Experiences

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  • College Possible

    College Possible is a pre-college program that assists juniors and seniors with ACT preparation, essay writing, completing college and scholarship applications, and understanding financial aid. Students will meet one-two times a week during their free period or after school. Students must meet GPA, academic and financial requirements to be eligible for the program. If you have any questions about eligibility please speak to your counselor

    Click here for the College Possible student application.
  • Dual/Early College Credit Programs

    Students can earn college credit while in high school. Qualified students will be eligible to enroll in courses through Early College Credit Program (ECCP).

    Students may also earn dual credit through approved online courses. These credits will be accepted for WLHS graduation requirements and can transfer to most colleges or universities.

    Student applications must be approved by Student Services.

    WLHS partners Wisconsin Lutheran College and other local and regional colleges.
  • Youth Apprentice Program

    The State of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development Youth Apprenticeship program integrates school-based and work-based learning to instruct students in real-world on-the-job skills defined by Wisconsin industries. Areas of youth apprenticeship include STEM, manufacturing, architecture and construction, finance, and health science. Interested students should contact their school counselor for more information. Student applications must be approved by Student Services.
  • Viking-2-Viking

    Viking-2-Viking takes place a total of six times throughout the school year. Students are able to discuss, with a panel of Wisco alumni, about their careers and stories about how they got from high school to where they are now. Guest alumni speakers and topics are coordinated in partnership between the WLHS Alumni Team and Student Services. 
  • Craftsman with Character

    Craftsman with Character is a career-based learning experience. It recently started in Edgerton, Wis. at Edgerton Gear Inc. through a sponsorship with the US Navy, and has now expanded to the Milwaukee area. The creation of CwC was a response to the need for every high school student to develop skills necessary to become career and life ready. The program consists of field visits to local companies in business and trade pathways along with a curriculum that focuses on character development. Participating in this program also links students who are going directly to the workforce after high school to potential employers in the Milwaukee area.

    Please click here to learn more about CwC.
  • All in Milwaukee

    All in Milwaukee is a college completion program that provides financial aid, advising, program and career support to high potential, limited-income, diverse Milwaukee students to complete college, build meaningful careers and transform the Milwaukee community. If you are interested in applying please review the eligibility criteria and contact your school counselor for more information.

Mental Health Services

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  • Mental Health Curriculum

    Select courses receive social emotional learning (SEL) where students are taught resiliency, mindfulness, conflict resolution, and develop peer relationships.
  • Critical Thinkers

    Critical Thinkers is a counseling group that meets on Mondays during homeroom and chapel. Critical Thinkers focuses on identifying feelings of anxiety and depression and finding strategies to cope with these feelings positively. Each year a school counselor visits a class for a series of workshops designed to grow problem solving skills, resiliency, and mindfulness.
  • Hope Squad

    Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer suicide/self-harm prevention program. Hope Squad members are nominated by their peers as trustworthy students that one can confide in. Members are trained on the direct and indirect signs of self-harm and suicide ideation and how to appropriately intervene with a student who is struggling with these thoughts and behaviors and how to refer them to a trusted adult. 
  • Refuge

    Students lose parents or siblings, many in tragic ways. Our school counselors added a grief share group for students to gather and share their stories with peers that can relate.
  • Christian Family Solutions

    A licensed therapist through Christian Family Solutions (CFS) is a part of the Student Services team to assist with the mental health needs of our students.


Grey Davis
Director of Student Services

Emily Jiles
School Counselor
Last Name A-HA

Katie Chavez
School Counselor
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Pete Schumacher
School Counselor
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Barb Tesch
Administrative Assistant

Chad Biesterfeld
Administrative Assistant


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  • Student Services Student Outcomes

    Wisconsin Lutheran High School provides an Academic and Career Plan to every student. The ACP system is put in place with the goal to prepare every student to be ready for college, career, and life to find success. Wisco students will be guided to know, explore, plan, and go into the world ready for where God wants them to serve.
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  • Free FAFSA Completion Help

    The Fair Opportunity Project, a Wisconsin-based and Nationally recognized organization is offering free, one-on-one FAFSA help to students so they can easily navigate the application process and unlock financial resources. Please click here to learn more.
  • The Wisconsin Guarantee

    The Wisconsin Guarantee offers guaranteed admission to all Universities of Wisconsin (UW) universities for all who qualify. First-year applicants from Wisconsin high schools who are in the top 10% of their class at the end of 11th grade will be guaranteed admission to all UW universities except UW-Madison.

    Additionally, first-year applicants from Wisconsin high schools who are in the top 5% of their class at the end of 11th grade will be guaranteed admission to UW-Madison provided that they apply on or before the Early Action deadline.
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