2022-23 State Report Card and Academic Update

Academic Update
Ninety-nine and a half percent of WLHS seniors completed the ACT exam as 11th-graders. The average scores for various segments of WLHS students increased for every segment. Students in the top quarter of the class averaged 28.4 (90th percentile) on the ACT, while the top half of the class scored an average of 25.3 (82nd percentile). The top three-quarters of the class averaged 23.1 (74th percentile) on the exam. Achieving a 22 on the ACT means a student scored in the top third of all students nationwide. Click here to see an internal profile of the 2022-23 WLHS highlights.
Wisco’s all-student composite score was 20.6, outpacing the averages for the state (19.3) and Milwaukee district (15.7). As a whole, WLHS students also outperformed their peers’ ACT scores in math, reading, science, English, English language arts and STEM at the state and district level.

WLHS State Report Card
The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) provides two state report cards for all high schools each year. One is based on data from the school's entire student body. The second is based on data from only those students enrolled under one of the school choice programs. Click here to view the WLHS school-wide report card. The WLHS choice student report card can be viewed here.

Highlights from the DPI school-wide report include:
  • The average achievement score for WLHS students was equal to or higher than 86.1% of high schools in the state.
  • WLHS achievement scores improved for students in nearly every demographic group.
  • An important factor that limited the overall school score was attendance. Students absent for ten or more days during the school year are classified as chronically absent for report card scoring. 22.6% of WLHS students were absent for ten or more days in 2022-23. 
  • Students enrolled with a voucher from a parental school choice program graduate at a rate of 98.5%.
Academic Priorities
WLHS uses the ACT results along with other data to determine which academic areas are doing well, which need extra support, and which should be recognized for outstanding performance or progress. Although the ACT scores for our college-bound students are well above average, we are striving for continued improvement. As a school, we can continue to increase academic growth for all students. We expect all WLHS students to achieve their highest potential, and we believe we can do even better. Our continuing goal is to ensure all students have the knowledge, skills, and Christian character necessary to succeed after high school.

To view a list of educational options in the state, visit https://dpi.wi.gov/ed-options

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