A Path to Teaching and Preaching

At WLHS, students are surrounded by Christian role models who encourage and inspire them to pursue servant leadership.

Elizabeth Bergemann (’14) 
Early Childhood Education

Thanks to the Advanced Placement (AP) classes she took at WLHS, Elizabeth Bergemann graduated from Martin Luther College (MLC) in just 3½ years and is currently teaching at Lambs of Christ Learning Center in Pewaukee.

“So many teachers at WLHS encouraged me to consider MLC—Mr. Schumacher, Mr. Zellmer and Mr. Bowe were especially influential. The real world setting at Wisco is unique and something I really loved. When I got to college, the transition was easy because I had the social and academic skills to do well. I know I’ll need those skills in my teaching career.”
Donovan Williams (’15)
Pre-Seminary Program
Based on his Spanish talents, Donovan Williams plans to be a bilingual pastor and minister to a number of cultures.

“My faith grew from daily chapel and religion classes. I took AP courses and fell in love with Spanish. I had teachers with high expectations and took on leadership roles in band.”

“All of my experiences at WLHS seemed to build up to my decision to be a pastor."

“Senior year two things happened. I gave chapel as part of National Honor Society and realized I wanted to continue to share God’s word; and then Pastor Fisher shared with me his experience of being a pastor. At that point, everything came together to guide me to MLC.”

Jared Witkowiak (’16)
Elementary and Secondary Education, Physical Education major
During his senior year, Jared Witkowiak used the power of prayer to ask God for guidance on his career decision. He also turned to his basketball and football coaches for advice and insight.

“I felt like I could talk to Coach Walz and Whiteside about being a teacher. They both encouraged me and advised me to stay in touch with MLC, talk with current MLC students and tour the campus. Once I visited, I loved it. I’m now focused on how I can help kids grow in their faith.”

Ari Sanchez (’16)
Elementary Education, Spanish minor
Two years ago, Ari Sanchez joined her older sister, Jazzmin (’14), at MLC but her path wasn’t always set.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but one day in Christian Life Planning we did an attribute exercise. After class, Mr. Bowe pulled me aside and asked if I ever thought about teaching. It was almost like a flip of the switch when I realized I could have an impact on young lives by being a teacher. I knew that’s the person I wanted to be.”

Twenty-six WLHS students are currently attending Martin Luther College, preparing to pursue a career in the teaching or preaching ministry.

"Students at WLHS are uniquely prepared to serve in God’s Kingdom as lay leaders or as pastors and teachers. To our students, diversity is a normal aspect of life. Thus, living and sharing your faith among those ‘different than me’ is something organically engrained in our students from their first to their last day." —Campus Pastor Phil Huebner (‘99)
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