How do you wear your Wisco pride?

More than 2,000 special edition Wisco alumni t-shirts were mailed out to our alumni who sent us updates and confirmation of their contact information. Thank you — we love staying in contact with you!

Now we want to know: how are you wearing your Wisco pride? Is your alumni t-shirt a comfy nighttime shirt, part of your workout attire, something you wear to Wisco events, or the item you showcase in out-of-state photos? Take a picture with your friends, your family, your classmates, or on vacation and tag Wisconsin Lutheran High School on any social media platforms or use #WiscoAlumni. The most popular photo will be selected for printing in the next Contact magazine, so make sure you tell your friends to vote!
Thirty-three alumni staff members at Wisco show you how to take the best photo. Grab your co-workers, your spouse, your bestie, your hubby, or as many members from your graduating class as you can! Have fun, and help us See Blue on social media!
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