Domestc Mission Trips Announced

Wisconsin Lutheran is excited to offer ten mission trip opportunities in the United States that give our students the privilege of lending their gifts to other WELS ministries. United States mission trips are open to our current juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Seniors may also apply; however, preference will be given to juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

The United States trips and tentative corresponding dates are:
  • Lafayette, Indiana - June 16-22
  • St. Louis, Missouri - July 14-20
  • La Mesa, California - June 23-30
  • Las Vegas, Nevada - June 23-29
  • Tuscon, Arizona - March 24-30
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado - June 8-15
  • Pflugerville, Texas - June 10-17
  • Chattanooga, Tennesseee - June 15-22
  • Huntersvillle, North Carolina - July 6-13
  • Falls Church, Virginia - June 23-29
* dates are finalized after airline tickets are reserved

Students will share the gospel by being involved with Vacation Bible School programs, soccer camps, fitness camps, community service projects, canvassing, and more. Hiking, swimming, rafting, water parks, touring in beautiful scenic and urban areas are also part of the experioence. Interested students can stop in at the reception desk or at Pastor Huebner's office for a full description of trips and an application form. Applications including Parent and Student Form and Release of Liability are due Friday, February 1, at 3:00 p.m. 

For questions, contact Pastor Phil Huebner at or 414-453-4567 ext. 2072.