Snow Day - Creative Challenge Winners

Due to the snow and cold this past week, WLHS students have enjoyed some free time. What better way to use that free time than to hold a "Creative Snow Day Challenge!" Students were given instructions to create something beautiful and unexpected, the rest was up to their imagination. Congratulations to first place Jack Zerbe ('22), winner of a pizza (pictured here), second place Reagan Godager ('22) winner of a candy bar, and third place Mya Baertlein ('20), winner of one pistachio or one M&M (whoo hoo Mya!).

Thanks to all our students who submitted a creation. The participants really made this creative challenge their own, displaying an excellent array of talents. Our Snow/Cold Day Creative Challenge #2 is going on right now for the rest of today (January 30)! Check our Facebook or Instagram pages for more details.
Artwork pictured: Jack Zerbe (picture 1: houses from above), Reagan Godager (picture 2: study of three), Mya Baertlein (picture 3: tree in seasons). Sean Wiltsey (picture 4: frozen blue), Emily Gorski (picture 5: Psalm 51:7), Sophie Miller (picture 6: table setting in snow), Rafael May (picture 7: eye), Hannah Gorski (picture 8: turtle), Jessica Parra (picture 9: pitcher), and Madison Sipe (picture 10: sparkling tree)