Snow/Cold Day - Creative Challenge #2 Winners

During our 5-day stretch of snow and cold weather, WLHS Art teacher Mr. Michael Weichmann challenged students to create something during their free time off. Creative Challenge #1 was to create something unexpected. Our final, Creative Challenge #2 was to create something in a style or technique the student had never tried before. Congratulations to first place Grace Stroh ('19) (pictured here), winner of a dozen bagels, second place Avery Baewer ('19) winner of a donut , and third place Madison Sipe ('22), winner of one sprinkle or uncooked egg (choose wisely Madison!).

Thanks to all our students who submitted a creation for both snow/cold day challenges. Creativity doesn't have to be limited to our art students; thanks for sharing your creations with us!
Artwork pictured: Grace Stroh (picture 1: swirled colors), Avery Baewer (picture 2: snowman cake), Madison Sipe (picture 3: apple), Reagan Godager (picture 4: snowy branches), Devin Rivera (picture 5: batman), and Jessica Parra (picture 6: bird in flowers).