Honey Creek Hall

Construction on Honey Creek Hall, our new dormitory, is progressing quickly! Poster boards about the 3-story dorm that has a capacity for up to 72 students are available in the high school. The display includes furniture choices, street views, building and room layouts, and more. The dorm is scheduled to be done this summer for students coming around the US and across the globe.
The project was made possible by several investors (who are friends of WLHS) and a generous gift of $500,000 to WLHS. The investors paid off the debt on the land and have financed the entire redevelopment project (and its debt). The development will include both the dorm and a separate 5-story apartment building facing Bluemound Road with underground parking.

You can view construction by visiting our Facebook page here. Thank you to Tredo Group LLC for the aerial camera video. More mini-videos are to come as work progresses. Our campus is going through some great transformations.