Apologetics Theology Course Put into Action

WLHS seniors have the opportunity to pursue topics of interest to them as they select four, quarter-length courses from the six options available to them: Apologetics, Religion & Science, Non-Christian Religions, Corinthians, Revelation, From Friendship to Marriage, and Christian Life Planning. For the first time this year, a new course, Apologetics, is being offered to seniors led by Pastor Brian Doebler (pictured here practicing a witnessing technique knowns as “God’s Great Exchange"). Apologetics is intellectual practice of defending the Christian faith in the face of worldly arguments made against Christianity.
The new course equips students to give answer to questions such as these:
  • I don’t believe in God. Why should I?
  • Jesus . . . a really good guy, but how can you believe he rose from the dead?
  • If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world?
  • The Bible? It’s just an outdated book  of myths!
  • Why does God allow suffering? 
To address these questions, the theology department developed a resource page, a few years ago, on the school website called “Guide for Spiritual Life after High School.” The purpose for the link is to provide resources for our graduates to turn to when their spiritual foundation needs strengthening or when they face the inevitable tough questions about Christianity. Check it out by clicking here.

A loving defense of Christian truth in a thoughtful manner is more critical than ever before as our graduates move into an increasingly post-Christian world! Not only do our students need protect their own faith against Satan’s attacks, but they can use their apologetics knowledge as a doorway to lovingly witness truth to others.