Viking Christian Leaders for the Month of May

Congratulations to Viking Christian Leaders for May, Maya Abner ('19) and Johnny Lee ('19). A Viking Christian Leader exemplifies the culture of Christian leadership at WLHS by applying their God-given gifts in service to others.
Maya is a member at St. Phillips Lutheran Church in Milwaukee and also attended St. Phillips Lutheran Grade School.

Currently a senior at Wisco, Maya was in track and field (10), cheerleading (9,10), and was also on student council (11,12), NHS (12), Wisco Witnesses in the World (11,12) formerly Agents of Change (in 10), wrestling auxiliary (11,12), attended the Civil Rights tour junior year, and mission trips to Atlanta, Georgia, and Grenada.

Maya volunteers at her church serving food.

In her spare time, Maya enjoys listening to music.

After graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Maya will be attending UW-Madison pursuing a degree in Biology.

Maya has been nominated for Viking Christian Leadership this month for her academic excellence and commitment to service and involvement at school. Maya defines Christian leadership as trying new things and not being afraid to fail. Do your work to the best of your ability. Encourage one another and help others succeed.

Johnny is originally from St. Paul, Minn. His home church is Grace Hmong Alliance Church and he attended grade school at Hmong American Peace Academy in Milwaukee.

Currently a senior at Wisco, Johnny is a leader in the classroom; participating in class and diligent with his homework. He works hard to support his family.

Johnny has been an active volunteer at his church. In his spare time, Johnny enjoys fishing, and playing drums and guitar.

After graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Johnny plans to attend Wisconsin Lutheran College to pursue a degree in counseling. He is also interested in attending the seminary to become a pastor one day.

Johnny has been nominated for Viking Christian Leadership this month for his humble, servant mindset, and living his Christian faith in service to others. Johnny defines Christian leadership as encouraging one another, being a friend, doing everything to magnify God’s glory.