Hideaway Cafe - Friday, May 10

Everyone is invited to the Hideaway Cafe at WLHS on Friday, May 10, at 7:00 p.m. in the main gym. This one-night only, variety show, organized by Wisco students, features the "hidden" talents of individuals and groups. Enjoy singing, dancing, skits and more.

There are three fantastic options for seating:
1. The Date Night Table: $15, includes dinner for two
2. The Large Tables: $5 per person, includes being waited on by the fabulous student council staff. Get some friends together and buy out a whole table!
3. Bleacher seating: $3 per person. Get there early to get prime seating!
Tickets can be pre-ordered at Wisco's Central Office and also the night of the show or by clicking here. Click here to see the table plan for the evening. Come support the super talented Wisco students and the OHFHS Mission!