New Look in the New Year!

If you have started to notice changes in the design and branding of Wisconsin Lutheran High School, your eyes are not deceiving you. Most notably, the website was just relaunched over Christmas break. Here are some helpful things to guide your online experience:
Top menu bar — where did it go?
In the past, the top menu bar included: About Us/WLHS Report Card, Resources, Support WLHS, Contact WLHS, and Directory. In an effort to mirror a mobile experience, these links now can be found under the "three horizontal bars" on the right side of the main menu. These links can also be found at the bottom of the website.

Why the redesign?
The previous web site was launched in 2016. It is standard for companies to launch a full website redesign every two to three years to stay modern or to reevaluate performance.

The redesign also applies to the school's rebranding of "Where Success Means More," and to be a student-centered, data-driven, Great Commission school.

What else was included in the redesign?
  • a specialized mini-site for our international/residential families
  • increased school data highlights
  • modern mobilization including:
    • utilizing a three "horizontal bars" menu
    • clickable banner links
  • refreshed Viking athletics landing page
  • more video links
  • SEO optimization for successful web search results

Where can I find Wisco's livestream chapel services?

A link to daily weekday chapel services can still be found on the homepage. It is a red button slightly below the banner imaging. All archived chapel services can now be found on our YouTube channel here. A link to all our social media sites can be found at the bottom of the website.

Please help us to continue to improve our website experience! If you'd like to share your feedback with us click here to take our short 3-5 minute survey.
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