Siloah Lutheran Church and School

Siloah Lutheran Church (3721 N. 21st Street, Milwaukee) was founded in 1894 and the school in 1898. The church has 150 members and the school enrollment is 87 students. Siloah's PreK-8 partnership with Wisco includes the various choral and musical groups of Wisco assisting in worship services, WLHS student-athlete reading buddies program, spelling bees, and forensic festivals.
Siloah is celebrating Black History Month this February. Pastor Brady Coleman will preach a sermon series this month entitled, "Lord, Heal Our Brokenness!" On Sunday, February 23, Siloah will hold its 34th Annual Black History Month service at 10:00 a.m. The gospel choir will present "Gracefully Broken," based on Psalm 147:3. Dinner will be served afterwards, tickets costing $10. For more information about Siloah Lutheran Church and School or to inquire about tickets to their annual Black History Month dinner, visit or call 414-873-5770.
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