Reality Store for ALL Seniors - Tuesday, March 3

On Tuesday, March 3, all Seniors will partake in the annual Reality Store, under Mr. Jason Goede's direction. The goal of this event is to teach our seniors how to spend, share, and save their God-given finances. Volunteers come in to help teach financial literacy to the students as they walk through a month of bill paying and dealing with the unexpected financial events (e.g. car repairs, medical bills) that adults experience. This is a mandatory school day for seniors. Students will be dismissed by 1:00 p.m. Lunch is not served that day.

Seniors will also have their picture taken in cap and gown this day for a future issue of WLHS' publication Contact. Order forms are being sent home with seniors on Thursday and are available in Central Office. Pictures will arrive before graduation and a digital option is available.
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