Grade School Spelling Bee — Grades 1-4 Winners

Congratulations to this year's Grade School Spelling Bee place finishers from Grades 1-4, and thank you to all students who competed!
4th Grade
1st - Ella Schaefer(Christ the Lord)
2nd - Joey Rogers(Mt. Calvary)
3rd - Eleanor Wierer(Christ the Lord)

3rd Grade
1st - Silas Lambrecht(St. Jacobi)
2nd - Sophia DiSalvo(Mt. Calvary)
3rd - Julia Wieselmann(Christ the Lord)

2nd Grade
1st - Olivia Benoit(St. Paul’s, Franklin)
2nd - Lucas Hackmann(St. Jacobi)
3rd - Melania Kulhanek(St. Lucas)

1st Grade
1st - Andrea Friesner(St. Paul’s, Muskego)
2nd - Isak Thawng(St. John’s, Milwaukee)
3rd - Ivan Westin(Star of Bethlehem)
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