Coronavirus & WLHS School Update

Through the Department of Health, Governor Evers’ latest order states that Wisconsin schools “shall remain closed for the duration of the public health emergency or until a subsequent order lifts this specific restriction.”

This means that the length of our closure is no longer tied to a date but is now indefinite.
With our Board of Directors’ approval, WLHS is committed to providing academic continuity to all of our students through virtual learning. Before leaving school for the closure, students were briefed about how our curriculum will be delivered online and teachers have been trained on our plan to facilitate virtual learning. Please keep up-to-date on developments in response to CORVID-19 at

Above all, as we navigate this unexpected change, let us remain fixed on that which does not change. We are redeemed children of God who see these current events as temporary challenges in a temporary world. In his love for us, God will find ways to draw us closer to him and bless us. May our eyes be open to those blessings and may we not lose sight of the eternal home he has provided for us in his Son Jesus Christ.
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