Students Doing Good During COVID-19

Students in Mrs. Patti Wenzel's ('83) Fashion Tech 2 class are making face masks to help hospitals in short supply during this COVID-19 crisis. Mrs. Wenzel pre-made kits with instructions that are available for her students to pick-up in the WLHS lobby. What a blessing for our students to continue learning while helping others!

Maria Lopez Reyes ('23) (pictures #1 & #2) used her pre-made kit and the instructions provided by Froedtert Hospital, to create masks to donate to the hospital.

Hailey Bonner ('23) (pictures #3-#6) has distributed 342 masks to medical workers in her neighborhood. Her neighbors also donate supplies and help cut and wash fabric for the face masks.

If you are interested in making and donating masks to Froedtert Hospital, click here for their DIY face mask instructions.
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