Smart Tuition Enrollment Fee Extended to April 15

The Smart Tuition enrollment fee deadline has been extended to Wednesday, April 15, 2020. This $200 per student fee will be applied as a down payment on your 2020-21 tuition (the enrollment fee is NOT required for all MPCP students and returning WPCP students). Payments can be made by credit card or electronic check either online or over the phone with Smart Tuition. Families applying for WPCP for the first time should pay the down payment and if accepted into the program, they will be reimbursed.
Tuition assistance grants and scholarships have been posted to students' tuition accounts for those that applied and submitted documentation by the deadline. Parents need to log into their OnCampus account here and complete the contract that is pending. You will be able to see any scholarships/tuition assistance that has been granted.

Once you have completed your contract, you can go to the Resource Page and click on the Smart Tuition logo, and it will redirect you to your account so you always have access to view your account.

The next communication families will receive from Smart Tuition will be an invoice in mid-late May with the first payment due in June if the 12-month payment plan was selected. If the 1-month payment plan was selected, the first payment is due in August. All invoices will be sent via E-mail unless you notify Smart Tuition that you prefer to have invoices mailed to your home address. Please be sure to check your profile in Smart Tuition to make sure the E-mail address listed is valid.
Phone: 414-453-4567  |  Fax: 414-453-3001