A Message from Athletic Director Sitz: Spring Sports Update

Greetings student-athletes!

Well, I don't bear much different news. You all know that our US president has indicated that we are not to gather in place (face-to-face education) until the end of April. The first day we could be in school is Friday, May 1, which means that the first day we could play events (if we practiced Friday and Saturday) is Thursday, May 7. The WIAA says we will have to follow their start of the season regulations and practice for five days before we can play . . . (golf requires only three days, so they could get a jump start on the rest!).

We have not heard a word from the WIAA in two weeks. I believe they are waiting for more clarity on the virus information, rather than throwing out new possible dates every week, as this creeps along. Their director said, in a tv interview yesterday morning, that he was not yet ready to cancel the spring season, so that is positive news!! Nine states around the nation have already canceled spring sports for high school athletes, but Wisconsin has not!
The Woodland Conference is canceling all non-conference events and postponing all conference events prior to Friday, May 8. I would also tell you that in all but track & field, non-conference events will be canceled for the rest of the spring . . . if (and when) we do get back to competition, the best we can hope for is an abbreviated conference season. That will most likely be a divisional conference schedule at best. The athletic directors of our conference meet weekly (via Zoom) to make plans for a potential return to action.
I am encouraging you to continue to get in your workouts every day. We are still hopeful that we can get some sort of spring season accomplished. The better shape you are in when we return, the better off your team will be. I’m sure you have been inventive in how you get your workouts in!! Keep communicating with your coaches. We hope to see you in a Viking uniform soon! I think we are all learning how to contribute to the greater good through this unprecedented lesson in our lives.
This is not easy on anyone in your family. Take care of your parents, grandparents, guardians. It’s tough on them too.
Be safe. Be smart. Be healthy.
“Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him” (Jeremiah 17:7).
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