Celebrating Seniors from Honey Creek Hall: Volume 3

We celebrate with our WLHS seniors from around the USA and around the world! Here are the reflections of some more of our seniors from Honey Creek Hall dormitory.
Student: Stephanie H.
Home country: Virginia, USA
Activities: National Honors Society (President), Student Council, Photography Club (founder), Viking Christian Leadership Academy, Wisco Witnesses in the World, Math Track, Pilot, Powderpuff, Culture Club
Favorite Memory: Taking photos after the pep rally and doing the 5,000 piece puzzle 
Faculty Shout-out: Shout out to Mr. Mattek for being the best client! Shoutout to MAO for welcoming me every day! 
Tradition I'll Miss the Most: Yelling  “GO HOME FRESHMAN” in every game and pep rally, going on camp trip, and Lunar New Year party!
Favorite Memory: winning powderpuff 2x in a row! 
3 Things I Can’t Live Without: My friends, leggings, and my phone!
COVID-19 Activity: Watching tik toks all day
Book: Flipped
Dorm Shout-out: Shout-out to Oumjy for being my dance partner! Shout-out to Claire and Harry for helping me with NHS a lot! Shout-out to the Iglesias girls for being like sisters to me! Shout-out to Del for being the best roommate!
College Plans
: Attending Cal Poly SLO to major in architecture for 5 years! 

Student: Hansen S.
Home Country: China
Activities: Wrestling, Esports, Chess Team
Favorite Memory: When I went to state for the wrestling tournament
Faculty Shout-out: Mr. Plamann -- he always encouraged me when I was on the wrestling team
3 Things I Can't Live Without: Food (especially), Discord (software), goals
COVID-19 Activity: Table tennis, meditation 
Favorite Book: Brave New World
College Plans: PSU or UConn

Student: Chan C.
Home country: Vietnam
Activities: National Honors Society, Wisco Witnesses in the World, Soccer, Futsol, Global Leadership Team, Powderpuff, Musical Theatre, Student Council
Favorite Memories: Powderpuff, Musicals
Faculty Shout-out: Mr. Schumacher for providing so much help and sarcasm as a counselor and a teacher, Mr. Nelson for the humor inside and outside the classroom, Mr. Wiechmann for letting do more art than I ever thought I could
Traditions I’ll Miss the Most: Lunar New Year Party
Things I Can’t Live Without: Air, water, food, humans, my cameras
COVID-19 Activities: Sleep, read, take photos, finishing homework 
Favorite Book: The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down - Haemin Sunim
College Plans: Psychology Major - School: might be Lawrence University (Appleton, WI) or Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)
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