Celebrating Seniors from Honey Creek Hall: Volume 4

We celebrate with our WLHS seniors from around the USA and around the world! Here are the reflections of another set of our seniors from Honey Creek Hall dormitory.
Student: Harry T.
Home Country: China
Activities: Global Leadership Team, National Honors Society (Publicist), Green Team (founder), Inspiration vocal group, Cross Country
Favorite Memory: Art Award at Milwaukee Art Museum
Faculty Shout-out: Mr. Wetzel - Mr. Wetzel is a fun and energetic teacher. I am really thankful that he was willing to write a recommendation letter for me.
Tradition I'll Miss the Most: Common room language
3 Things I Can't Live Without: Oxygen, food, coffee
COVID-19 Activity: Easter Egg Hunt!
Favorite Book: Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise
College Plans: Gap year (attending coding school and animation school)

Student: Delwyn D.
Home Country: Vietnam
Activities: National Honors Society, Student Council
Favorite Memory: Playing "mafia" game 
Faculty Shout-out: Mrs. Goede 
Tradition I'll Miss the Most: Lunar New Year
COVID-19 Activity: Cooking 
Favorite Book: Agatha Christie’s series
College Plans: Georgia State University
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