Celebrating Seniors from Honey Creek Hall: Volume 5

We celebrate with our WLHS seniors from around the USA and around the world! Here are the reflections of even more of our seniors from Honey Creek Hall dormitory.
Student: Relja M.
Home Country: Malta
Activities: Basketball, Track, Art club, Futsol
Favorite Memory: My favorite Wisco memory is going to a Bucks game, and my favorite U.S. memory is going to New York for Christmas break. 
Faculty Shout-Out: Shout-out to Mrs. Knight, Mr. Mattek, Mr. Gottschalk, Mr. Leverence, Mrs. Goede, Mr. McEachern, Mr. Walz, Pastor Doebler, Mr. Whiteside, Mr. Hopf, and Dr. Fisher. Why? All of these people taught me something important, made me smile in some way or another, and always had great energy inside and outside the classroom. I have great memories with those faculty members that I won’t forget, and hopefully I will see them in a few years again. 
Tradition I'll Miss the Most: Pep rally
3 Things I Can’t Live Without: Family, travel, and quality
COVID-19 Activity: Playing frisbee in front of the dorm 
Favorite Book: How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell 
College Plans: Get a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming and graduate in less than four years. Do some internships during the summer and take summer classes.

Student: Una L.
Home Country: China
Culture Club, Wisco Witnesses in the World, Green Team
Favorite Memory: Hang out with my friends, cook with them, and play board games together
Tradition I’ll Miss the Most: Fun activity every quarter, homecoming week & dance
3 Things I Can’t Live Without: Food, bed, laptop
COVID-19 Activity: "Garage sale" in the dorm
Favorite Book: a lot!
College Plans: Penn State University, biology major
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