Student Parking

All vehicles that are brought to school should be registered with us each year. Click here to fill out the online vehicle registration form.

Parents, please note the parking options that are available to our students:
  • There are approximately 80 parking spaces available in our main lot for our students. They are marked with large yellow circles. Students may use these spaces on a first- come, first-served basis.
  • In addition to the main parking lot, there are approximately 40 parking spaces available in the south lot located directly behind the water tower. This lot has security cameras viewing it.
  • The following available spots for students to park in include: ALL spaces with a Yellow dot and parking spaces 66-85.
  • When these spaces are filled, students will need to park on the street. If students park on the street, they should park on east 84th Street or Honey Creek Parkway. They should not park in Pick ‘n Save’s lot or in the Ravenswood neighborhood. Cars will be towed from those areas. City parking signs should be obeyed.
  • Please note: Students who park in faculty, visitor, fire lane, or other non-designated areas are subject to disciplinary action (Saturday detentions, fines). Students who do not register their car and are parked in a non-designated spot, may have a boot placed on their tire. Please remind your student to register their car. The school will not assume liability or responsibility for damages to an auto or theft of an automobile or its contents parked in the school lots or streets around school. Students speeding or driving recklessly on school grounds will be subject to disciplinary action and the loss of parking privileges. Vehicles are not to be entered or sat on during the school day, including lunch.
Phone: 414-453-4567  |  Fax: 414-453-3001