Viking Cafe Update

WLHS is continuing its partnership with Taher Food Service Management Company for the 2020-21 school year. Taher offers chef-based meals for breakfast and lunch.

Taher cooks from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients, partnering with local farmers and growers. Their licensed dietitians stay current on advancements in nutritional knowledge, and they continuously weave these into their school breakfast and lunch programs. Taher will follow best practices and CDC guidelines for food preparation and serving.

Taher’s food service director at WLHS is Sarah Derouin, who also happens to be a WLHS alum and current parent.
2020-21 PRICES
Breakfast $2.00
Lunch*(see below) $3.75 or $4.25
Reduced Breakfast $.30
Reduced Lunch $.40
Adult Breakfast $2.25
Adult Lunch $4.95
Ala Carte choices also available at individual prices.

*$3.75 lunch = Diner Station - Pizza Meal
$4.25 lunch = Main Entree Station or Sub, Salad, Wrap Choices
Both lunch meals include up to one cup of fruit and one cup of vegetables, as well as choice of milk.

Important Note: A student who qualifies for free or reduced lunch may choose either lunch meal. Instructions for applying for free/reduced priced school meals can be found by clicking here.
No cash is accepted in the serving lines. Money must be deposited into the student’s account ahead of time. Students then enter their ID number on a keypad to access their funds and pay for their lunch.

Payment (cash or checks) can be put in one of the Viking Cafe Drop Boxes which are located throughout the school. Deposits must be made before 2nd period if it is to be used that same day. Deposits made after 2nd period begins will not be available for the student to use until the next day.

Money may also be deposited online with a minimum of $25 by clicking here.

Families that have multiple students may also set up a fund sharing account for their children to simplify only having to track one balance. You may do so by emailing the Food Service Director, Sarah Derouin, at

Breakfast is served 7:00–7:40 a.m for all students, however, breakfast is served up until 3rd period should your child have commons, a study hall, or time in between passing periods.

Important Note: A student who qualifies for free or reduced lunch automatically qualifies for free or reduced breakfast as well. Please encourage your child to participate in these programs. There are cold options available to them that they may put in their backpack to eat after school too!

Questions regarding meals or account information: Taher Food Service Director Sarah Derouin – 414-453-4567, ext. 1561 or
Free/Reduced Lunch Applications/Eligibility: WLHS Determining Official Scott Raymond – 414-453-4567, ext. 2032 or

Complete information on Taher Food Service, menus, and the lunch procedure will be available at the Parent Information Nights on August 24-25, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Be sure to visit the Taher table in the cafeteria on one of those nights.
Phone: 414-453-4567  |  Fax: 414-453-3001