Branch Lutheran Schools Send Thanks

Thank you to the students, parents, and partnering grade schools for the donation of $24,150 to Branch Lutheran Schools of Haiti for the 2019-20 WLHS mission project. This gift ensures that the children in Haiti continue to receive a Lutheran education with learning resources.

Branch Lutheran Schools are able to share the Gospel to more than 900 children and equips students with God's Word to be a light to their families, neighbors, and communities. This incredible donation provides more than two months of salaries for the 36 teachers, directors, and a superintendent who carry out this Bible-based education.
In addition to this joyful work, your gift will supply healthy snacks and clean water to the children at the orphanages. Without this support, many of these children would struggle to eat every day. 

Yvette, Director of the Leogane orphanage, says it best, "Many of my children would not learn to read or write if we did not have this orphanage school. Our children receive a religion class every day at school. These children are a light to everyone in the neighborhood."

All of this is possible because of supporters like you. Thank you again for your amazing hard work and generosity.
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