Attendance - Leaving School or Online Classes Early

At times a student must leave school or online classes before 3:00 p.m. Please follow our protocols when this is necessary:
  • Face-to-face students must stop at the attendance office before leaving.
  • Virtual students will need to have a parent or guardian call in advance of missing a class period.
  • Make sure that the contact/emergency information on your child's onCampus record is up to date. Students may not be excused or released from classes by anyone other than the Parent or Guardian listed on their OnCampus account.
  • A student must have EITHER a note signed by a parent excusing him or her early OR a parent must make a phone contact with our attendance office. Please make every effort to call at least one hour ahead of your student’s departure time or absence from online class.
Please understand that we can’t release a student early without parental permission. Thank you for your cooperation.
Phone: 414-453-4567  |  Fax: 414-453-3001