The Simple Way to Preserve Your Gift

The 2020-21 school year has come to an end. God has richly blessed the prior nine months in granting us the opportunity to hear and dive into his word every day. Now students, faculty, and staff have time to recharge their batteries, turn the page, and move on to the next chapter. What a wonderful time to reflect and give praise to him!
In the Spring Contact, I shared three unique and simple ways you can flex your philanthropic muscle to leave a gift that will make a huge impact on the mission and ministry of Wisconsin Lutheran High School. Thank you all for the many calls and emails that have come in regarding these opportunities. We enjoy the stories you have shared about your time at WLHS.

During our conversations, many of you have brought up a topic we’d like to address.

Picture this scenario:

I am currently giving on a monthly or annual basis to WLHS. I communicate with WLHS Mission Advancement regarding the usage of those funds. The high school and I have a great relationship and I am so happy to see the difference my gifts are making. I share this with my family and they decide to do the same thing. I take advantage of one of the simple estate planning options and Jesus decides to take me home, HALLELUJAH! However, the gift I left is used for something completely different than what I had been giving to. How would that make my family feel?

To alleviate that scenario from ever occurring, WLHS Mission Advancement has a simple document called a Letter of Intent (LOI). This user friendly sheet shares with us your intent for your final gift. Your gift could be for immediate use or put toward a scholarship or used to create an endowed position at WLHS. There are several areas that would be a blessing for your high school. We would be happy to share those options with you and to discuss what a LOI looks like to ensure your intent and wishes are carried out.

One last note, to find more helpful information about FREE planned giving resources click here!

Mr. Eric Ruh is the Director of Planned Giving at WLHS.
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