Mental Health Assembly - Wednesday, February 9

WLHS held the third of four morning assemblies that address issues regarding mental health in teens. Specifically, this assembly addressed anxiety, depression, and suicide. Campus Pastor Phil Huebner started with a devotion to ground in our students the love and care of God for those who are hurting, as well as the strength God offers us.
Seniors Grace Schneider, Grace Marie Theesfeld, and Joe Kallies spoke in a very personal way to encourage the student body that they aren’t alone in the social and emotional challenges they face, and that it’s OK to get help. The last half of the assembly featured Wisco alum Dr. Ashley Schoof ('03), who serves at Christian Family Solutions. Dr. Schoof (pictured second from left) briefly shared how adolescent brains work, coping tools and mechanisms for dealing with anxiety and depression, how to handle self-harm and suicide situations, and more. Following the assembly, theology teachers opened up their classes for further discussion.
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