What's Going on in the Wisco Library?

Some new and interesting things are going on in the Wisco library. Everyone is invited to check it out! Says Wisco librarian Mr. Justin Liepert, "The library is meant to be a place for people not only to read and study, but to explore new ideas, to dive deep into research, to learn from and connect with their communities. The library is a place to grow not only as a reader, but to also grow socially, emotionally, mentally as a learner and a person."
Grab a seat at the community table and see how a puzzle transforms throughout the week. Or, help put together the sticker puzzle (what do you think it will be?). Enjoy a mental break and fill out a coloring page. On Fridays, the library offers free tea and coffee for its visitors. For the month of February, students can "grab a blind date" with a book that has been wrapped so that readers can't see the cover until he or she checks it out. Curl up on one of the bean bag chairs and get lost in a good book. If you haven't been to the library lately, it's worth a stop in.
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