New Course Offering - African American Studies

For the 2022-23 school year, we are excited to offer a course on African American Studies for the first time at Wisco. This course is an elective that examines the history and culture of Africa and the African-American experience in an interdisciplinary format, including an analysis of the unique historical, cultural, and social developments from the Middle Passage to the present day. The course will address the literary and artistic contributions of African-Americans to American culture. Like other WLHS courses, this one will emphasize critical thinking, reading, writing, and oral presentation skills.
Research on culturally-relevant education emphasizes the power of teaching and curricula to transform how students relate to their schools and understand what they are taught. These connections are critical to creating a safe and supportive Wisco that prepares all students for success. 
Learning how African Americans have contributed positively to society, education, science, art, law and medicine, to name a few, gives all students an appreciation for African Americans currently living in the United States as well.
Wisco is blessed to have an eminently qualified teacher in Mrs. Shakirah Cousins who is preparing the material for the course and will be teaching two sections of the class to juniors and seniors who have elected it for next school year.
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