Holy Land Tour

Have you ever wanted to visit the Holy Land? Dr. Ken Fisher is leading a 10-day tour over Christmas break departing December 27, 2022 and returning January 5, 2023. To see an electronic brochure click here. The tour includes visits to Nazareth, Mt. Carmel, Jericho, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Capernaum, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and more.
"Nothing brings the Bible alive like seeing the sites in context and worshiping at places you've always read about," says Dr. Fisher, who has visited Israel three other times including a six-week archeological dig. "Israel is best experienced with a group tour with knowledgeable guides at each site." He explained, "To walk where Jesus walked is simply inspiring. Bible stories take on a whole dimension in ways you'll never forget." If you are interested in joining this tour, contact Dr. Fisher at ken.fisher@wlhs.org or 414-453-4567 ext. 2014.
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